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  • Priceless
    Yet Worth Millions
  • Athletic
  • Born to Run
    Generations of Drive
  • Diverse
    From Champion to Couch
  • Historic
    Revered Throughout History
  • With Eyes to Win
    and a heart to match
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The National Greyhound Association

Welcome to the exciting world of the Greyhound -- the true royalty of the canine family, certainly one of nature's most graceful and beautiful works of art.  If you've been a Greyhound owner, fan or enthusiast, we extend to you a warm hand of friendship.

The NGA is the official registry of the breed, a membership organization devoted to overseeing the recording of the breeding, registrations and performance of the Sport of Queens in the United States.  

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Current News From Our Oval to Your Couch

From birth to track to couch, the exciting and diverse greyhound journey can be found right here.  Read about our super stars, our Hall of Fame Awards, outstanding achievements by our members and how our greyhounds achieve their potentials.

Wheeling Hot Dogs ( as of October 20, all races 5/16 unless otherwise noted )
Steve Sarras Kennel’s BS Tite Wad has four straight victories (A, AA) for trainer Barbara Long. Kennel-mates Polish Copper has three wins in a row (C, B, A) while WP’s Jaguar has back-to-back victories (B, A). Jacobs Racing Kennel’s Wayne Cleary (A, AA) and Story Of My Life (M, D...
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