The National Greyhound Association is committed to our greyhounds and our adoption partners.  The Responsible Adoption Partnership is a resource tool to provide our members the opportunity to network with groups and individuals within the adoption network.  We believe our members and owners will collaborate and contract with adoption groups to best fulfill dogs needs and promote the greyhound breed.

If your group is dedicated to the dogs, the breed, quality adoption placements as well as truthfully educating without bias or perpetuating myths, please feel free to fill out the below application for the Adoption Committee to consider endorsement.

Please note as of Fall 2020, the NGA adoption committee is not processing new group endorsement application requests.  Groups are welcome to submit their application for approval with the understanding that submission does not guarentee review or acceptance.  With the constriction of racing in the United States, pet adoption groups are experiencing a reduction in the supply of retiring greyhounds.  Regardless, thank you to all the groups that are currently, and have in the past, place our NGA greyhounds!

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