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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gulf Greyhound set to Race

Gulf Greyhound Park’s Eric Wilson today assured us that Gulf Greyhound Park will run a meet beginning December 27. “We will open December 27 and fully intend to run our total compliment of days”, he said.

Rumors have been swirling as to the fate of the Gulf meet and to the level of purses, number of days, races and so on, for several months. “We have hired staff, awarded contracts, prepared the track and compound and will offer generous purses”, Wilson said, “We are ready to go”, he added.

]The abbreviated meets in Texas have been the subject of controversy beginning with the “Texas-bred puppy only” meet last year at Valley Race Park and now, apparently, continues on at the Gulf. Friction and disagreements between the TGA, Gulf Greyhound and the Texas Racing Commission have led some to believe that the Gulf meet would not take place but Mr. Wilson says that is not the case; “Barring any major unforeseen circumstance, we will run a meet at Gulf this year”.

Live racing in Texas, abbreviated or not, is good for the greyhound industry and we hope that the parties can resolve their differences and keep the product alive in the Lone Star State for many years to come.

 Jim Gartland is the Executive Director for the NGA and serves as the Secretary Treasurer to the Board.