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Friday, January 5, 2018

What a way to kick off the new year! Great racing at one of the premier greyhound tracks in the country! Bestbet Jacksonville has got some great wagering opportunities for you this first week, and you could be seeing lots of green in your future if you can pick some winners. Let’s take a closer look at the feature races for this weekend and see if we can help you cash some tickets.

Friday evening January 5th, 2018

Race 7 – One of the fastest greyhounds at the racetrack should score here. L’s Sum Dog can with or without the early lead in any race. He is as fast as he wants to be, tonight he gets it done for the 5th time in 7 starts. Setting the pace should be the solid grade A, Ww Lemon Mint, but she is short late and will get caught once again. Other contenders include the fast closing back in grade A runner Kanes Bubba, Crowe has been hot the last couple weeks, and the solid grade A stalking threat CBJ Coleman. (7-4-3-6)

Race 10 – The hottest greyhound at the racetrack gets another go. Lk’s Black Gold has won 5 of 6, 10 of 16, and has been in the trifecta in 14 of those efforts. Dueling early with the best breaker here, AjW Coraline, it might be interesting to the turn, but after it turns into a one woman show. The posted well solid grade A, BGR My Girl, is no slouch herself with 4 top grade wins in 6 efforts. Late though all better be wary of the closer Craigie Javier. Coming from well off the back, he could content at the wire. (7-8-4-6)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for this one and we get a look at the pre-race favorite heading into the upcoming Orange Park Derby. Craigie Avatar is the best greyhound over 660 at the racetrack, and tonight she gets a good post too. She can break, stalk, close, and get the win, just like she did in the finals of the Holiday Distance Stakes. She has not missed the quiniela in 6 straight, and she has the 1 box here! Challenging here will be the red hot running Critic Choice. Winner of 3 of her last 4, she too has the chops to take home a W here. The late driving pup Mrl Back Pay will contend at the wire as well, and don’t sleep on the hot off a win early speeder Dutch Mustang. (1-8-5-3)

Saturday matinee January 6th, 2018

Race 7 – This evenly matched up race could go to anyone. Several greyhounds have the tools needed to get the win today, but only one will come out on top. Pat C Merlin is a posted-up grade A contender that is back over 550 and ready to pounce. This late runner should get it done in the stretch. Look for several greyhounds to have a chance to set the pace and contend on, or near, the early lead here. Boc’s Saralido is a solid grade A that can break on occasion. LK’s Best Friend might just be the best breaker, but is short on occasion late, and Se’s Kc Kid needs to forget the last effort and get back to in the money racing. Any could upset today if they find a clear way to the lead and get some help behind. (3-8-4-6)

Race 11 – Cal Smith has everything going for him in this effort, well except for one thing. He is well rested. He is coming off a win. He has great late speed, but he is in the WRONG box. Here I think he even overcome that and runs down everyone late to steal away another victory. Early it will be crowded with Ww Rowdy and Michael Scofield duking it out on the front end for the lead and a chance to steal away a win. Both should be caught late, but don’t forget about the solid grade A threat Perfect Pitch either. This greyhound has won 2 of 4 in grade A and is tough when she gets clear early on. (1-8-3-7)

Saturday evening January 6th, 2018

Race 4 – Back breaking and winning is that all out front running threat Roc A By Sunkist. Posted well again, she should be a big-time force at the start, and find a way to wire this field for the hat trick. It won’t be a calk walk mind you. The track win leader last year, Real Good Feelin, will be flying up late and she can outrun anyone when the mood suits her. Early Sunkist will have to deal with the big breaking hot off a win runner Pat C Hash Tag, and we all know what Bang Ludwig can do from the 8 box. If he shows up, he could be a long-gone winner tonight. (3-2-6-8)

Race 7 – What a great match up here. Loads on talent on tap and it could be a knock down drag out affair from the get go to the wire. We all know Hey Hey Daddy, the former bestbet Sprint Classic Winner, and we know what he can do, 4 wins in 6 races, but he is not alone here. Speedo Tuxedo has also posted 4 wins in 6 races, including 2 straight. Pat C Cozy also must be considered too. Not only for the grade climb back to grade A, but because of that RED blanket. She is a different girl with that red dress on. Looking to round out the race is the former flamer, BGR Benny Da Jet. Finding his mojo again, he should provide a late threat again tonight. (7-8-1-4)

Race 11 – The Holiday Sprint Champ is back at it again after a couple of rough trips around the racetrack. Coming off a win, and 4 in his last 6 races. Fix a Drink is a dynamic rising star at bestbet Jacksonville. The only thing that might stop him from winning here is the post position, but with all that late speed, he might be able to get home even with some trouble. Trying to stop him will be the stupendous closers, Pat C Gangsta, who is finally rounding back into form and Lee Raven, who has not missed the money in 6 straight. Easi Kane could get a look as well with back to back wins and an advantageous post position. (5-7-1-3)

Race 15 – Back to 660 again and the new comer gets the nod. Super pup Drink It Off looks like a natural over this distance and showing that in his last race with a hard driving win. With no early speed, he might even make the front end at the start. It could be a long chasing evening for the rest of this field. Solid grade a competitor Lee Bonafide should break slow and gain throughout again to challenge in this effort. There is a reason that she has 5 2nd in her last 6 races. Puppy Pat C Bona also gets noticed here with a pair of back to back wins in his last 3 efforts. Now up in A, he gets a chance at the big boys, and watch out for the ship in Tiger’s Eye too. Plenty of experience under his collar, and he is starting to get used to the racetrack. Coming off a win, he might be upset minded tonight. (6-8-2-3)

Sunday matinee January 7th, 2018

Race 11 – Another evenly matched up race with some familiar names thrown into the mix. Here post and early speed rule as Craigie Warlock gets the 1 box and should be clean sailing on the front end early on in this effort. Pushing the pace should be the solid grade A runner Boc’s Andross who has finished in the money in 5 of her last 6 races. The pace could be threatened even more if the, I’m tough if I’m close runner, Tmc’s Sweet Kiss decides to get out of the box and challenge today. Watch out for Dutch Doreen as well. That 8 box simply turns her into a different animal. She loves it out there and can break well and poste up some serious efforts. IE look back 4 starts. (1-5-3-8)