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Monday, June 4, 2018

 LARKSPUR, CA. (June 4, 2018)—WatchandWager is pleased to announce that it will partner with United Greyhound Racing to sponsor the WatchandWager Naples 550 National Championship race at Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound track on Jan. 26, 2019.

The WatchandWager Naples 550 National Championship is a 550-yard invitational race for the top greyhounds from the 2018 racing season. Six of the eight finalists for the WatchandWager Naples 550 will be selected through United Greyhound Racing’s poll of greyhound racing experts from around the country, including one guaranteed entry reserved for a greyhound from Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound track. The remaining two finalists will be awarded automatic-bids to the winners of the WatchandWager Kings vs. Queens Classic at Southland Park Gaming and Racing and the WatchandWager Secretary’s Choice Stakes at Iowa Greyhound Park. The winner of the WatchandWager Naples 550 will be crowned the “greyhound racing national champion” for the 2018 season.

The 2019 WatchandWager Naples 550 promises to be the best edition of the national championship race so far. Located in Bonita Springs, Fla., Naples-Fort Myers Greyhounds is known for being a premier greyhound racing facility that can attract the very best dogs from around the country. The change in venue will also come with an increase in purse for the championship race, as well as extensive marketing and promotion of the event by the track, United Greyhound Racing, and

The 2019 WatchandWager Naples 550 is the next step for the championship race, which was founded by United Greyhound Racing in 2015. United Greyhound Racing is a non-profit corporation that was formed to promote the interests of greyhounds and greyhound racing. United Greyhound Racing realized that while greyhounds raced for many stakes and championships at tracks across the United States, the sport of greyhound racing did not have a single “national championship” race to crown an overall champion of the breed for the entire year.

WatchandWager President Ed Comins is excited to partner with United Greyhound Racing for this prestigious event.

“As a leader in wagering on greyhound racing, WatchandWager has always been bullish on promoting the sport whenever we can,” Comins said. “When United Greyhound Racing reached out to us about sponsoring the Naples 550 National Championship race, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to give back to the sport that has been so good to WatchandWager for so many years. We look forward to helping make this best greyhound national championship ever.”

United Greyhound Racing Director Michael Frino welcomes the partnership with WatchandWager and believes it is a new beginning for this marquee stakes race.

"I am excited to have WatchandWager as the new sponsor of the Naples 550 National Championship stakes event. WatchandWager's involvement will ensure the 550 remains the premier stakes event in the greyhound industry for many years to come,” Frino said. “I am looking forward to what I believe will be a synergistic partnership between UGR and WatchandWager, and one that will effectively promote our sport.”


Michael Frino