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Friday, October 5, 2018

Its stakes final time here at bestbet Jacksonville and this Saturday evening, in the 11th race, we will get to see just who the best sprinter is currently at the racetrack. The final of the Redemption Stakes come your way, along with our great 2nd chance drawings, as we will crown a champion at the wire on Saturday evening.

Let’s take a closer look at the finalist and just how this race is going to turn out.

Saturday evening, October 6th, 2018 – Finals of Redemption Stakes

1. Pat C Rare Deal (Rico’s Vintage – Pat C April Oak) is the undefeated puppy that has won 6 races in a row. She has a blazing early rush to the turn and will need to keep that up if she wants a chance to win here. Posted well on the rail, she could stay perfect if she breaks.

2. Pat C Todd (Kc And All – Pat C Dark Ciena) a bit more of a closer that his littermate and absolutely loves this starting box. Winner of 3 of 6 and 2 of his last 3 races, Todd can get it done with or without the early lead. If he is close early, watch out for him at the wire.

3. Kells Caribbean (Tk Quick Strike – Kells Believer) is a solid A greyhound that posses some great closing ability. He loves the rail and is close enough here to be effective. Winning will be tough against this front running field, but you can be sure he will make a late dash to challenge.

4. WW Xavier (Kiowa WW Brother – WW’s Saints) is a cagey veteran with blazing early speed. He has not been beaten to the turn in 6 straight races, and in turn, he has won 5 races in a row against the best at the racetrack. Really 6 as he was a nose short to Kells Caribbean, 6 races ago. This race is his too lose.

5. L’s Sum Dog (Lonesome Cry – L’s Rovi) is as fast as he wants to be, and did I mention that he was the winner of this final a year ago. Sum Dog is no stranger to the winner’s circle, but the planets have to be aligned for him to break and put on a show. Recently he has been a closing machine in the stretch. Expect more of the same in this effort.

6. Arkans Linx (Gable Sour Cream – Arkans Minx) is a hard trying all in grade A running greyhound that seems to be around the money a lot in her efforts. She likes the rail and will have some work to do early on to get there from the outside part of the racetrack. Overmatched a bit here, she will need a big-time effort to score a money spot at the wire.

7. Dodo Pistachio (Pat C Clement – Maverick Frances) – is a young greyhound that is coming into his own at the right time. He has flashed some early speed and runs his best when he is around the leaders at the start of the race. He has faired well from the midtrack posts and could be upset minded if he hits the lid.

8. Drink To That (Dragon Fire – Barts Sweet Pea) has the same momma as Fix A Drink, Drink It Off, and Saylor Lee. (ALL Stakes Finalists) With that said, he is not quite as good as his half siblings. He does have some of their late drive though and gets his best starting box here outside of the rest. If he can get out fast, he too might just have a shot at the finish line.

This one should come down to the inside part of the racetrack. You know the veteran WW Xavier will come to run from the starting box, but the puppy Pat C Rare Deal doesn’t know she is not supposed to win, and frankly, has not been beaten yet. I see the lid popping open and we will get to watch one heck of a race for the lead and the win all the way to the wire. Xavier will come out early to take command as Rare Deal breaks well too and fins room to rush up on the rail. Behind he will be crowded early as the rest jockey for position, but it should quickly turn into a two-way battle for the victory. This dynamic duo should push each other, fighting tooth and nail to get ahead of the other, as the gallop around the racetrack. Back and forth they will go, and it will be an instant classic as they finish heads apart at the wire after a stalking knock down drag out affair. In the end, I see the veteran teaching the pup a new trip as he holds on for the victory. Kudos to the puppy as Rare Deal almost keeps the streak alive but settles for place. Closing late on the leader will be the super posted Pat C Todd along with Kells Caribbean and last years winner L’s Sum Dog. (4-1-2-3) – (14/14/235/235)