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Monday, November 19, 2018

Here’s a great way to sparkle up the holiday week, a Marathon Stakes Event. On Monday evening November 19th at bestbet Jacksonville we will run round 1 of our Thanksgiving Marathon, and the top 4 finishes in those 2 races will move on to the finals on Friday evening in the 11th race. This will the second half of a special holiday double on Friday and remember that we will not be racing live on Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let’s take a closer look at the races, they are all wide open, and see who can come out on top in round 1 of the 2018 Thanksgiving Marathon.

Monday evening November 19, 2018 – Round 1 of Thanksgiving Marathon

Race 7 – Very little experience over the distance in that effort, so you have to just look at what you can and try and figure out a winner. I like class, and clearly Amanda Polk is the class of this field. She is a grade a running against a bunch of lower grade greyhounds, but she has yet to prove she can run this far. She has good closing speed over 660, so I think she should be able to handle the added distance. She likes it midtrack, and get the 5 box, and she should take advantage of the long run to the turn. I like her to prove best at the wire. Now for the duo that has run this distance before. GS Devin Ann loves the rail, can fly late at 660, and has run 3 770 races with mixed results, but none of them came from the vaulted rail. I think she can put on a show late and factor at the wire in this effort. Coco Hally Ann is the other greyhound that has raced the 770-yard course before. In both of her tries, she ran into trouble and really didn’t get to show just what she can do. With no strong breakers around, she will be closer early on, and if she gets loose, watch out. Take a gander 2 races back and she just what she can do on the early lead. If she hits the lid, she could be the one to catch and beat in this effort. WW Wonderful might be at a class disadvantage, but she sure looks like she was made to run this route. She has gears to burn coming home over 660 and could just motor by everyone in the stretch and steal the win away at the finish line. That is if she can get to the rail early on. (5-1-3-4)

Race 10 – On again class rules the day, but so does talent. No issues about who I am selecting in this effort, Token Phantom. Phantom was the point leader for the 2018 bestbet Derby and finished a close second at the wire in the finals. He has all the tools to win, and there is no doubt that he will be able to run this far. Don’t care if he doesn’t have any previous experience. The solid grade A, Stakes greyhound, that is not short over 660 and can break to the lead too. He should be out and gone early on, and the race here will be for PLACE! Second, we go with another classy greyhound, that was also in the finals of the 2018 bestbet Derby and has shown some signs of closing at the end of the race over 660. She too has the pedigree to keep coming and run this far, she is just not at the same class level as token. If she wants to show up in this effort, she will need to get out of the box a bit better and make the most of the long run to the turn. If she can clear on top, she might have an outside shot at an upset tonight. DC Feisty Faith has run this far before once and really didn’t factor in that effort. Here she is posed well on the rail, that’s got to help right, and she should get a better trip from here than in her last time over 770. She is an even runner that should chase the pace throughout and hold in the money for the duration of this effort. Last but not least, another strong closer over the 660-yard course. Marianna Hill might have run a could of rough races in a row, but previous to that she has a closing, and winning machine, here at bestbet. She has speed to spare in the stretch over 660, and she has thrived from this 4 box is the past over the added distance. If she can get close to the leaders early on, she too could make it interesting before the finish line. (3-5-1-4)

Remember the finals will run in the second part of our special holiday Double Header performance on Friday evening, November 23rd in the 11th race on the card at bestbet Jacksonville. Not only will you get to watch, wager, and win on the best 770 runners at the racetrack, you will also have a shot to turn your losing tickets into winnings with our great 2nd chance drawings. So, make your plans, grab your friends, and head out to the racetrack for a great evening of fun and excitement here at bestbet Jacksonville.