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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Its stakes final time again here at bestbet Jacksonville and this time around we get to see the best 770-yard greyhounds take to the track in the 2018 edition of the Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge. The top 4 finishers in each race from round 1 make up this final, so it should be a highly contested event. Join us on Friday evening, the second half of our special holiday double header, in the 11th race to see just who the best Marathoner is this year at the racetrack. Don’t miss out on our 2nd chance drawings where you can turn your losing tickets into $20 vouchers. Let’s take a closer look at the finalist and see if we can get you cashing some tickets this weekend at bestbet.

Friday evening November 23rd – Finals Thanksgiving Marathon

1. WW Mesmerise (Boc’s Blast Off – WW’s Captivated) showed that she could run the distance with a closing third place effort in round number 1. Posted better tonight, it should help her get out of the starting box better, but still she is a grade D in against grade A’s, so tempter your expectations.

2. Amanda Polk (Djays Octane – Quick Reward) ran an even race in round 1 and looked a bit short at the tail end of that effort. Here she gets a slightly better post, but don’t know if she can improve on that last trip. If she wants to win, she will have to break much better this time around.

3. AB Smoke Show (Trent Lee – Rhapsody) was a finalist in the recent bestbet Derby who looked ok over the longer route as well in round 1. She is a closer, will be closing again in this effort, her problem is that she takes way too long to get going. Big late move yes, but too little too late again.

4. Token Phantom (Torrey Pines – Celeste) is the class of this field and it showed in round number1. He finished 2nd in the finals of the bestbet derby, as the leader in points in qualifying, and took to the added added distance like a fish to water. Breezing up top, as he coasted to the wire, he was fastest and better than the rest. Expect more of the same here.

5. BGR Long Island (Boc’s Blast off – Superior Peace) is a steady runner that just keeps on doing what she can for as long as she can. She was a strong second in round 1 and never gave up in that effort. She is in a tough post and will need to find room early if she wants to contend here. As long as she breaks, she should be in the hunt at the wire.

6. GS Devin Ann (Djays Octane – GS Heaven) made the most of the post in round number 1 and posted up a strong closing 3nrd place effort at the finish line. She is all rail all the time, and the 6 box could be a big hinderance to her in this one. No doubt she will gain ground late, she just might have a hard time getting into the money mix by the wire.

7. DC Feisty Faith (NMS Sweet Thing – Ale Star Dancer) might not show it in her lines, but this girl sure likes the 770-yard course. Granted she had the one box, but she took advantage and almost beat out everyone at the wire. She closed on a much higher target and almost hit the bullseye. If she can overcome the post, she could be upset minded again tonight.

8. LK’s Dimingus (Djays Octane – LK’s Mandrianna) hit the lid in round 1 and the rest is history. Tough on top to say the least, she was challenged throughout, but no one could gain any ground on her before the finish line. Different night, different post, could be a different outcome, unless she pops the box again and wires the field on the front end.

So here is how I see this race breaking down. The box opens, and Token Phantom makes his presence known from the start, he will seize control of this race and rule throughout on the front end. Of course, he will be challenged. Early by the likes of BGR Long Island, DC Feisty Faith and WW Mesmerise, but try as they might no one is going to be able to get to him, or close the gap, before the finish line. This one should just be another outclassing of the rest by the solid grade A competitor. Faith should outlast the rest for place as Mesmerise and Long Island battle it out late for the remaining spots in the money at the finish line. (4-7-1-5)