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Friday, November 30, 2018

What a way to wrap up the Thanksgiving Holiday then with a stakes final, and not just any stakes final, a MARATHON stakes final and when we say it didn’t disappoint, we are telling the truth. This one was made up from the top 4 finishers in each of two races over the distance and only the best of the best moved on for a chance at the top spot. In the end it would come down to a photo finish to see just who was bringing home the hardware in the finals of the 2018 Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge.

As the lure rumbled around the turn and the box popped open it was a crowded break and a contested run down the backside. LK’s Dimingus was out first but was quickly overtaken by the inside part of the racetrack, as the race favorite, Token Phantom, seized early control. Right on his heels was WW Mesmerise and AB Smoke Show along with Amanda Polk. By the finish line the first time around, he was 2 lengths clear the of rest and starting to get into a groove on the lead. The others were still chasing, but no one was gaining on the front man. Around the turn and down the backside the leader went, and although he looked strong on the lead, some of the chasers were drifting back, but others started to make a run. At the far turn he was in complete control and looked to have this race in the bag, but this one was not over by a longshot. AB Smoke Show was just finding her stride and was screaming up on the leader with every step she took toward the finish line. Down the stretch the Phantom went, easily in front, but we all knew it might just be too close for comfort at the wire. Phantom was digging in deep but losing ground fast as AB Smoke Show seemed on a mission to win. Closer and closer Smoke Show crept, as Phantom’s lead diminished with every step he took toward the wire. Giving her all, Smoke Show made one final surge and made it too close to call at the wire. Bring on the photo finish, and the winner was???? Token Phantom by a nose. The early leader did just enough to hold on at the wire, but Kudos head out to the all-out effort that AB Smoke Show gave to just miss at the finish line. Rounding out the superfecta was early threat WW Mesmerise in a distant third just a head ahead of rebounding runner LK’s Dimingus who lost the other photo and had to settle for 4th. GS Devin Ann was 5th, Amanda Polk finished 6th, Bgr Long Island finished 7th, and DC Feisty Faith was last.

Congrats to the winner Token Phantom who is having himself a pretty good could of months. He was the runner up in the finals of the bestbet Derby over 660-Yards, and now was the winner of the Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge over 770-Yards. He has really flourished over the added distances and should be well suited for his return to Southland in the next couple of weeks. Kudos also go out to Clear Lake Racing, trainer Randell Graham, owner Ryan Farms, and everyone else connected with this fantastic greyhound.