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Friday, March 1, 2019

Just one more step to take and we will have our finalist for the 2019 $45,000 James J Patton Silver Cup. This star-studded field is so tightly packed at the top that several greyhounds still have a chance to sneak into the finals if they show up with a big effort in the semis. Everything is on the line and they are looking for any advantage that they can get. Post, early speed, late speed, experience, and raw determination are all you need to get it done, so let’s take a closer look at the remaining 3 races and see just who has the desire to make the finals.

Saturday evening March 2nd, 2019 – Semi-Finals 2019 JJP Silver Cup

Race 7 – Here it’s all about the post and All About Doeboy. This greyhound loves this 8 box and will come firing out fast in order to take command in this effort. His last from here was a 30.26 second win 2 starts in round number 2. Look for more of the same tonight. He will not be alone though as Jedi Fawney gets back outside and should be ready to challenge throughout. She is not short late and can hang early, so I expect her to be the major force pushing the leaders from the get-go. Speaking of leaders, Ice Rylee might just have that early designation in this effort. She is posted well, has big time early speed, and will challenge to the stretch here. Late she is no match for the big guns, but she will try her best and should be around the pack at the wire. Don’t forget about Pat C Stealth either. Why not? He might just sneak up on you and steal away the win. This big-time close threat has not missed the money in 6 straight races. Winning could be tough, but not undoable, but he must break sharply if he wants a chance at an upset in this effort. (8-6-2-7)

Race 9 – All about the speed, early speed that is, in this race. Big time rocket breakers JS Ranger Rover and Pat C Zoe will lock up for sure on the front end here and it will come down to just who can hold on the longest. Ranger Rover might have a bit of an advantage early, but late he is way shorter than Zoe is in the stretch. It should be a good heated battle for the early lead, control of this race, and eventually the win at the finish line. Both greyhounds have to watch out in the rear-view mirror late though as the 2019 Orange Park Derby Winner, James Clubber, will be in the passing late in the stretch as he tries to run down everyone and make his way into another stakes final. He has all the raw speed in the world, but he can’t wait too long, or he won’t be able to get it done before the wire. He won’t be the only one closing though. RS Noahs Eyes is a strong closer as well and will be making up ground throughout on the leaders too in this effort. He has not missed the money in 6 straight trips, and that trend continues on in this effort. He likes the post and could be closer if he can get out of the box at all tonight. (4-7-1-5)

Race 11 – A bunch of winners to choose from in this race, and here it all comes down to determination. Who wants this race more? Several greyhounds have a shot at the top spot, but it will not be an easy road to victory. A tough path needs to be taken, and that in turn will give us a stellar greyhound race to watch, wager, and win on. Dutch Audrey might have faltered last time out, but back outside I see her rebounding in this effort. She has all the tools when she gets loose, i.e. 30.19 second romp, and the post lets her to just that tonight. Look for her to take early control and hold tough for the win. Pressing the leader will be the brothers TMC’s Tyme Flys and TMC’s Magic Mike. Both pups are strong chasing threats that can win with or without the early lead in any race. Both like the outside posts, and each has not missed the money in any of the stakes rounds. Both have a shot to take home a victory in this race, and for either one, they need to be close early if they want a chance at the title. Pat C Sly Murray might not have the namesake just yet, he is really still just a puppy, but if he keeps on running like he has been, it won’t be long until they all know his name. He too hasn’t missed the money in any of his last 6 stakes races, and he won back to back efforts to open up the rounds. He has a good rush and some closing ability too. If he hits the lid tonight, they could be hard pressed to beat him once again in this effort. (7-5-6-4)

The post position for the 2019 $45,000 JJP Silver Cup will be drawn on Wednesday Matinee March 6th at bestbet Jacksonville. The videos will be posted on Facebook and shown live to all of our simulcast outlets. The finals of the 2019 $45,000 James J Patton Silver Cup will run in the 11th race on Saturday evening March 9th, 2019 at bestbet Jacksonville in conjunction with our Mad. Mad. Money Machine and our fan favorite, 2nd chance drawings.