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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Policy Regarding International Sales or Export of Greyhounds from North America - April 18, 2019

The NGA is aware that certain jurisdictions in the world are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain greyhounds for racing or breeding purposes. Some of these jurisdictions have animal welfare standards which are unverified. While the NGA recognizes that it is not illegal to export greyhounds to such locations, the Association's policy going forward will be to ban the sale or export of NGA registered greyhounds to any country that does not have recognized welfare standards and/or organized and regulated racing operated under strong legislation, rules and regulations.

The care and well being of greyhounds is at the core of NGA’s conviction to provide robust regulation for licensed greyhound racing and ensuring the highest standards of care for all greyhounds that fall within its responsibility. Involvement in the export of greyhounds to jurisdictions where welfare standards cannot be verified is unacceptable and the NGA will employ the full powers available to it to prohibit individuals from deliberately undermining the good reputation of licensed greyhound racing in the North America.

Information relating to the sale, advertisement, or social media requests offering to purchase or acquire greyhounds in unusual circumstances should be passed on to the NGA.

 Jim Gartland is the Executive Director for the NGA and serves as the Secretary Treasurer to the Board.