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Sep 4, 2020

The third round of the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes on Wednesday, September, September 2, sliced the field down to the championship eight with a clear favorite.

Rasta (Copper Kettle) won in all three rounds to produce a perfect score of 60. The 70-pounder, born September 18, 2018, to Nashapelli – Fansome, collected victories of two lengths, a nose and three lengths in the three rounds. He moves to 14-9-3-0 on the season and is on a five-race win streak.

Second in the run for points is XK Want It (Xtrem Hess) with 42 points. XK Want It is 26-10-4-1 on the year.

Third is Oakland Taunton (Stidham& Brindle) with 40 points. Taunton is 21-5-6-4 on the season.

Finishing fourth in the points chase was It’s My Life (T And T), 18-11-3-1 on the season.

William Demarest (Stidham & Brindle) was fifth in the points with 33 and stands 20-3-1-5 on the season.

Sitting sixth, thanks to a win in the third round, was FF Lurch (Copper Kettle). Lurch is 19-3-3-4.

Big Joe Stoefen (Copper Kettle) came in seventh 28 points.

There was a tie for the final spot. It came down to a coin toss and Superior Tuvia (Superior) won to get the final spot. Tuvia is 22-5-2-6.

By the numbers, there are six males in the field of eight.

Copper Kettle has three entries (Rasta, FF Lurch and Big Joe Stoefen). None of the other kennels have more than one.

The championship race is set for Sunday, Sept. 6.

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