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Stan Pawloski

Mar 27, 2023

The last two years, 2021-22, CET Dirty Dilly was voted captain of the All-America first team.

On top of those prestigious honors, the Tri-State Greyhound Park star captured the Rural Rube Award as the nation’s top sprinter for the second year in a row and was the national win leader both seasons.

This year, CET Dirty Dilly joined an elite group – greyhounds with 100 career victories. When the sprint sensation posted a box-to-wire victory in mid-March at Tri-State, she became only the 52nd greyhound in racing history to reach triple figures in wins.

Owner Carl Tomblin II calls CET Dirty Dilly “one out of a million.” “I am so proud of Dilly and what she’s accomplished in her career. She’s one dog out of a million …

I never expected to raise a greyhound like her,” Tomblin said. “She’s the total package and so suited for the Tri-State racetrack. I’ve been so blessed to have a greyhound like her during my career in racing.”

CET Dirty Dilly, a December 2018 greyhound out of SH Avatar-CET Dirty Nicki, and littermates CET Dirty Dan, CET Dirty Gurly, CET Dirty Joey, CET Dirty Red and CET Dirty Ryder were raised the first year by Tomblin on his farm in West Virginia. Mike Strickland completed the group’s final six months of training in Kansas.

“The first year on the farm none of the littermates stood out. They all were very responsive, aggressive, smart and a great-handling litter,” Tomblin said. “When Mike (Strickland) had them in Kansas, Dilly and Dan were the two best in the litter.”

CET Dirty Dilly broke in at Tri-State in August 2020, winning her first four races (Maiden and Grades D, C, B) by a combined 26 lengths. In September, she traveled to Wheeling Island where she finished second by a head to Mac’s Tayloranne in the West Virginia Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association Juvenile Stakes final.

In November 2020, CET Dirty Dilly returned to Tri-State. She won her first start back on her home track in Grade A and 2 ½ years later is still racing in Grade AA.

CET Dirty Dilly’s career numbers through March 15 of this year are eye-popping – 100 wins, 18 seconds, 7 thirds and 3 fourths in 137 lifetime trips. She won 42 and 40 races in back-to-back years as national win champion in 2021-22.

In addition to reaching 100 career wins, other CET Dirty Dilly accomplishments Tomblin is most proud of include:

-Breaking the track record in September 2021, winning by 17 ½ lengths in 29.23

“Going to the track with family since I was 3 years old, I always wondered over the years if a greyhound would ever break the track record,” Tomblin said. “To own the greyhound who broke the record is hard to believe.”

-Winning the $100,000 Mardi Gras Challenge at Tri-State in December 2021 by 1 ½ lengths in 29.84.

“The final field had greyhounds who raced at Southland, Iowa and Palm Beach in it,” Tomblin said. “It was a tough, stacked stakes final. Winning the championship was very special.”

-Capturing the $65,000 WVGOBA Sprint Championship in June 2021 by 13 lengths in 29.89.

-Track record 16 straight victories in April through July 2021 as well as other multiple win streaks.

-Two-time All-America team captain and Rural Rube Award winner.

“Never would I have thought I’d have a greyhound achieve back-to-back All-America and Rural Rube Award honors,” Tomblin said. “It’s been a team effort with a lot of people involved along the way. My CET farm staff in West Virginia work every day with me and with our greyhounds – they are the foundation of my business.”

CET Dirty Dilly doesn’t appear to be slowing down this year. She had 10 wins and 2 seconds in her first 12 starts.

“I hope Dilly stays healthy and she’s able to compete in the West Virginia-bred sprint stakes in May. Winning it again would be icing on the cake,” Tomblin said. “As far as retiring Dilly, she’ll let us know when it’s time. Right now, she’s loving what she does every day and enjoying life.”

Greyhounds with at least 100 career wins during their careers follow:

143 – JR’s Ripper

137 – Indy Ann, Happy Voyage

132 – JJ Littlerichard

128 – L.L.’s Doug 123 – JJ Doc Richard, WW Headliner

121 – LD’s Bahama

120 – Sarah Cap, JL Rat

118 – Okie Bootsy, Darius Stone

115 – Miss Whirl, Algoa Boss

113 – Marathon Hound, Gilded Sherry

112 – Friend Delilah, IR’s Gambler, Fortress Blue

111 – JW Rocket One

109 – TK’s Macho Mutt, Frontier TJ DJ, Mo Kick, My Mr. Peabody, Hometown Scott

107 – Lurcher Boy, Westy Whizzer, Most Certain Lee, JK’s Blue Cougar, Lady Quick

106 – Pat C Yetter, Coldwater Torres

105 – Carbon Cry, Husker Magic 104 – MC’s Harvey S

103 – My Problem, Holy Tera, Leo’s Midas, JR’s Big Chief

102 – Big Gossip, RB’s Ruler, JL Gater Aid, MJ Erin Shea, Mindless

101 – M’s Bon Gee, Silent Power, RC’s Sorcerer

100 – Sox Hunter, Picki Princess, BW’s Unida, CET Dirty Dilly

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