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Tri State Kennel Wins for Grade AA 550 /A 550 /TAA 677 - Dec 12-16

Patricia Saul

Dec 18, 2023

Double G Kennel took three Grade AA wins with (2) Ab Draconium (25-16-1-1-4) and Ab Duh Genuhrull (45-10-4-6-8). Two racers, Tnt Storm Watch (TS 27-7-5-3-1) and Ab Set Da Pace (15-5-1-2-3), had Grade A wins.


Superior Kennel captured two Grade AA wins for Wild Cougar (41-9-10-8-3) and Oya Thunderstorm (43-10-8-10-3) and one Grade A win for Red Rocket (43-9-11-3-12). 


Blanchard Kennel seized one Grade AA with Tmc’s Wildeclair (TS 11-6-0-1-1). Three Grade A winners were Arkans Adonia (TS 12-4-5-1-1), Arkwild B Jinora (TS 8-4-0-0-2) and Jw Santana (38-4-6-9-7).


JS Kennel had one Grade AA from Jsp Burninmoney (47-33-6-4-0). Two racers, What Else Ya Got (53-11-6-9-8) and Gls Bingo Player (32-6-9-2-1), had Grade A wins. 


Lester Raines Kennel captured one Grade AA win with Rs’s Penny Lane (53-18-11-10-5) and two Grade A wins from Js Black Mamba (32-6-4-3-3). 


On Line Kennel took two Grade A wins for Rodeo Girl (47-8-6-3-6) and Vj Double Aces (54-9-6-10-12). 


Mc Million / Ward seized the two Grade TAA wins for Sza (43-8-7-7-5) and Ls Zook (37-9-3-1-1).


Racers capturing one Grade AA win were Hl’s Carson (50-17-9-9-3 Heather Lomax Kennel) and Cg’s Sun Storm (TS 28-20-5-2-0 Abrahamson Kennel).

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