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Feb 10, 2020

The finals of the 2020 Orange Park Derby ran on Saturday evening February 1st at bestbet Jacksonville, and if you didn’t know any different you would have thought you were watching the race from 4 years ago.

As the lure ran down the backside and passed the box, open it came, and out the greyhounds ran. To the lead was WP’s Twistedlady. Bombing to early command from the 8 box she was easily in front at the rest of the field started out in catch up mode. She was followed by UC Ricky Snickle and Pat C Jacob from the midtrack and the rest of the field chased just off the follower’s pace. As they rounded the early turn the separation had already started. Twistedlady was a couple of lengths clear of the rest as Pat C Jacob snuck by a settled into second and UC Ricky Snickle continued to pursue. Down the frontside they would go and no change to the order. Super C Addison would make a run up the rail as the bounded to the escape turn, but she was not threatening the lead. Twistedlady coasted on the front end as Jacob chased behind. Ricky was following and cut off Addison at the turn and she collided and jammed up the rest of the field behind her. Down the backside the leaders went and the separation from the rest of the field after the pile up was big. Twistedlady was in complete control and stretched her lead to 3 lengths by the far turn. Jacob continued to chase with Ricky in toe, but neither could make up any ground on the leader. Down the home stretch, no one was going to get to Twistedlady as she dug in deep and have a determined run for the finish line. Crossing 4 lengths better than the rest, she was the decisive winner at the wire in37.76 seconds. Jacob held off a late charge by Ricky at the wire to maintain in next best position at the finish. Ricky settle for third. Even after trouble, Super C Addison have a spirited late burst to draw away from the rest of the chasers and secure 4th place as the finish line. Rounding out the field was Pat C Woozy in 5th, RGP Get You Back in 6th, Fakeit To Makeit in 7th, and RTSS Gonwitdawin in 8th.

WP’s Twistedlady is out of the 2016 winner of the Orange Park Derby, Seldom Told, and looked just like dear old dad in this effort. A superior box to wire front running win came from both as they dominated throughout, and were never challenged for the title. Congrats head out to Lady for keeping up the family heritage, her owner Wes Parvin, her trained Robert Allen, the Ancient City Kennel, and everyone else connected with this fantastic router.

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