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Monday, August 29, 2016

DUBUQUE, Iowa – O Ya Curly Sue of the Wayne R. Ward Kennel will lead the finalists into the championship race in the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes at the Iowa Greyhound Park.

Curly Sue, a 58-pounder born June 26, 2014 out of Defrim Bale-O Ya Norma, ran the three rounds of qualifiers perfectly, winning by five lengths in the first round, by 10 lengths in the second round and by five and a half lengths in the third round. For the 2016 season at IGP Sue is 17-9-2-4.

Two other greyhounds were tied with Curly Sue after the second round with 40 points. Both advanced but with winning performances.

Dnt Finbarclancy (T And T) put on a big rally coming from last place in the early going to finish third in his third-round race. Finbarclancy easily advanced with 48 points.

Superior Yesy (Superior) had a lackluster effort, running fourth in his third-round race. It was enough as Yesy finished with 45 points to qualify.

Overall form held in the third round as seven of the eight greyhounds in the top eight after the second round held to qualify for the final.

The exception was O Ya Pawty Girl (Wayne R. Ward) who ran second to Curly Sue in the third round. The 12 points vaulted Pawty Girl from 15th in the second round to seventh in the points standings and into the final.

Leaving the hole in the top eight was O Ya Chatter Box (Wayne R. Ward) who faded badly to last in her third-round race. That sends Chatter Box tumbling from sixth to 11th.

Second in points was the other third-round winner. Xkt Shelly Turin (Xtrem Hess) came from behind to win by three lengths in the third round. Shelly Turin advanced with 52 points.

Rounding out the final field are Aj’s Callie (Jackson) with 32 points; Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle) with 29 points; Pawty Girl at 25 and last in Ds Hip Hot (Xtrem Hess) with 23.5 points.

That left Al’s Flyer (Xtrem Hess) as the first out with 21 points.

The championship race for the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes is set for Friday, Sept. 2.

Third round points standings for the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes (with kennel) and points earned:

O Ya Curly Sue (Wayne R. Ward) 60; Xkt Shelly Turin (Xtrem Hess) 52; Dnt Finbarclancy (T And T) 48; Superior Yesy (Superior) 45;

Aj’s Callie (Jackson) 32; Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle) 29; O Ya Pawty Girl (Wayne R. Ward) 25; Ds Hip Hop (Xtrem Hess) 23.5;

Al’s Flyer (Xtrem Hess) 21; Ds Zumba (Xtrem Hess) 20; O Ya Chatter Box (Wayne R. Ward) 20; Gracie Lynn (Copper Kettle) 17; Bee’s One N Only (Boeckenstedt) 17; Ajn Omar N Red (Stidham) 15.5; Roc A By Jackel (Jackson) 15; Copperkettlerock (Copper Kettle) 11;