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Friday, September 16, 2016

DUBUQUE, Iowa - The second round of the $30,000 Future Stars Stakes at the Iowa Greyhound Park only served to set up quite a third round.

What the second round did was created quite the log jam for the final spots in the championship race. Thirteen greyhounds have earned between 25 and 20 points.

Right now Jt’s Time To Go (T And T Kennel) has 25 points, that’s fourth on the points list. Kiss My Dust (Clayton Black) and Rf River (Superior) have 24 points each and Boc’s Queen Ali (Boeckenstedt) has 23.

Three greyhounds are tied for the eighth and potentially final spot in the championship field with 22 points. There are three more greyhounds with 21 points and three more with 20.

Under the IGP’s point system, a win is worth 20 points, making a victory in the third round worth quite a jump.

There is more room at the top of the points list.

Boc’s Cover Up (T And T) rallied in the homestretch for a second round win and leads everyone with 32 points. Cover Up is 18-5-7-3 for the season.

The pre-stakes favorite, At’s Frednbarney (T And T), 22-11-3-3, got outrun in the second round, finishing third, four lengths back. That effort opens the Stakes all the more. Frednbarney joins Sh Tomfoolery (Stidham) with 28 points. Tomfoolery, 12-6-0-2, won in the second round with a solid five length triumph.

At the other end of the list, four greyhounds tied for the final two spots with 11 points. The luck of the draw gave the spots to Jd Allure (Stidham) and Pat C Smores (Collins & Schmidt). Left out were Rt’s Rapid Ryder (Copper Kettle) and Sh Ozaki (Stidham).

Round three, with three races, is set for Sunday, September 18. The championship race is set for Saturday, September 24.

The $30,000 Future Stars points standings:

Boc’s Cover Up (T And T) 32; At’s Frednbarney (T And T) 28; Sh Tomfoolery (Stidham) 28; Jt’s Time To Go (T And T) 25; Kiss My Dust (Clayton Black) 24; Rf River (Superior) 24; Boc’s Queen Ali (Boeckenstedt) 23;

Jax Gee Wiz (Jackson) 22; Jd Admiral (Stidham) 22; Xk Win For Us (Xtrem Hess) 22;

Final Emperor (Claxton Black) 21; Monkey Way (Clayton Black) 21; Rf Furious (Superior) 21; Natalya Simonova (Jackson) 20; Gt’s Conoco (T And T) 20; Jd Accomplice (Stidham) 20;

Hilco Cobra (Superior) 15; L Redstreak (Ward) 15; L’s Tyme (Boeckenstedt) 14; Boc’s Queen Elsa (Boeckenstedt) 13; Xk Misbehaving (Xtrem Hess) 13; Pat C Omaha (Collins & Schmidt) 12; Jd Allure (Stidham) 11; Pat C Smores (Collins & Schmidt) 11; (losing draw) Rt’s Rapid Ryder (Copper Kettle) 11; Sh Ozaki (Stidham) 11

I'm a native of the Washington, D.C., area and a graduate of the University of Maryland. I'm now retired after a two-decade plus stint as the sports editor of the Council Bluffs, Iowa, Daily Nonpareil.