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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

47th Annual Rural Rube-Flashy Sir Awards

To be nominated a greyhound must have accomplished one or more of the following in 2017:

• Finished third or better in a major stake

• Won a lesser stake that staged elimination races, or ran third or better in two or more such stakes

• Finished third or better in national or regional invitational that involved dogs from other tracks

• Captured a track win title, finished in the top three in the national win championship; set or tied a track record—any of these feats at a distance commensurate with the award for which the nominee is considered (Rural Rube Award for sprinters, Flashy Sir for routers)

Once it has been determined that a greyhound has qualified as a nominee, the list of accomplishments appearing in the Review shall be limited to the following:

• Any of the accomplishments listed above

• Having made the finals of a major or lesser stake that staged elimination races; having won a special race that required no eliminations (i.e., an inaugural, au revoir, etc.); win streaks of eight or more, having gone through the elimination rounds of a major stake undefeated—any of these feats at a distance commensurate with the award for which the nominee is considered.

• Complete or partial (for the appropriate distance) season or yearly win-place-show records or at least win-start records

• Significant money-earning or similarly significant milestones Nominees shall be listed only with accomplishments that qualify for that particular distance, regardless whether the nominee is nominated for one or both awards.

Nominations are not automatic and ultimate responsibility for nominations and submittal of achievements falls primarily upon owners and readers. Deadline for nomination is 5 p.m., December 8, 2017. Final list of nominees and official ballot will appear in the Winter Review.

 Jim Gartland is the Executive Director for the NGA and serves as the Secretary Treasurer to the Board.