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Membership Types

National Greyhound Association

At the National Greyhound Association, we offer three different levels of membership: Full, Associate, and Ambassador. Each level provides exclusive access to different benefits, including access to the latest news and updates in the greyhound racing industry. Choose the level that works best for you and join us in supporting our mission of ensuring the well-being of greyhounds.

**A 4.5% convenience fee is applied for all online renewals, forms, transfers & purchases.  This helps cover our merchant service costs.  Some products may require paid shipping.  

Become a Full Member with the National Greyhound Association and gain access to exclusive benefits, including voting rights, owning and registering racing greyhounds, and receiving The Greyhound Review, Breeding and Whelping Reports, Auction and all relevant standings. Stay up to date with regular weekly email blasts from the National Greyhound Association.  You will also have access to all relevant member only sections of our website and the NGA’s new Social Portal for only $130 annually.

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Are you ready to become part of our National Greyhound Association as an Associate Member? Associate Members can register and race greyhounds as owners. Associate Members also receive The Greyhound Review, Breeding and Whelping reports, and any relevant standings, as well as regular weekly email blasts from the National Greyhound Association. Associate Members have access to online Auction, Breeding and Whelping Reports as well as the NGA’s new Social Portal. Stay informed and experience the thrill of the race with us today for just $105 annually.

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As an Ambassador Member, you will be showing your unwavering support for the National Greyhound Association while staying up to date on industry news. Our weekly email blasts and Social Portal will keep you connected and informed. Although this membership level does not include race dog ownership, voting or breeding rights, it is a fantastic way to stay engaged with the sport while also contributing to the well-being of these magnificent animals for just $25 annually.

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