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Patricia Saul

May 26, 2023

The race card for the final round of the $65,000 WVGOBA Open Sprint Stakes at Tri State has been released. Topping the list after four rounds from CET Kennels is CET Dirty Dilly who has accumulated 48 points. The four-year-old female remains the lone greyhound undefeated among the sprinters.


Next topping the leaderboard is JA’s Dupont from Abrahamson Kennel. The two-year-old male accumulated 35 points with a win, a 2nd and two 3rds.


Completing the final field of competitors are Mac's New York (Mc Millon / Ward) and CET Negan (CET Kennels), 33 points; JA's Henry Ford (Abrahamson Kennel), CG's Bo Peep (Abrahamson Kennel) and CG's Roadrunner (Abrahamson Kennel), 31 points; GF Steel Horse (Lomax Kennel), 30 points.


The final top contenders will race the oval Saturday evening, May 27 in the 12th race.


Post positions follow: 1—Mac’s New York, 2—CET Dirty Dilly, 3—CG's Bo Peep, 4—JA’s Dupont, 5—CET Negan, 6—JA's Henry Ford, 7—GF Steel Horse, 8— CG's Roadrunner.

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