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2024 WV Bred Open Distance Stakes (after quarter rounds)

P. Saul

May 24, 2024


After the quarter-final rounds on Tuesday, 32 greyhounds were eliminated from the $65,000 WVGOBA Open Sprint at Tri State. On Saturday evening, May 25, heading into the semi-finals, 16 greyhounds remain as contenders in Races 6 and 8 with starting post time at 6:00 PM EST.


Competing in Race 6 are Cg's Musician, Bronze Lass, Cetmark Zippy, Cg's Maggi, Jas A King Wins, Cet Dirty Skinny, Coal Powered, Cet Electrify.


Competing in Race 8 are Cet Dirty Toodls, Ts Jon Jones, Cg's Apocalypse, Cg's Miss Muffet, 

Raise The Wind, Cg's Mustardseed, Gls Finleysfilly, Ts Dustin Lynch.


Littermates competing:

Cet Dirty Skinny, Cet Dirty Toodls

Cg’s Musician, Cg’s Maggi, Cg’s Apocalypse, Cg’s Mustardseed


The Open Sprint Stakes championship is scheduled for Friday, May 31.


Accumulated points for the Semi-Finals: 


31 points: Gls Finleysfilly (JS), Cetmark Zippy (CET)


28 points: Cet Dirty Toodls (CET), Cg's Maggi (Abahamson), Coal Powered (RS)


26 points: Cet Electrify (CET), Cet Dirty Skinny (CET)


23 points: Cg's Miss Muffet (Abrahamson)


19 points: Cg's Musician (Abrahamson), Cg's Mustardseed (Abrahamson)


18 points: Ts Dustin Lynch (CET)


17 points: Raise The Wind (RS)


14 points: Cg's Apocalypse (Abrahamson)


12 points: Bronze Lass (RS), Ts Jon Jones (RS)


11 points: Jas A King Wins (Heather Lomax)

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