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S Pawloski

Oct 5, 2020

Xtrem Hess Racing Kennel’s AD Black Falcon is the lone greyhound undefeated after two rounds of the $100,000 Mountaineer Classic at Wheeling Island.

The sprinter posted his second consecutive victory Friday afternoon in the second preliminary qualifying round. AD Black Falcon has accumulated 30 points heading into the Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 14, third round.

Other greyhounds racing to victory in the second round were Gloves Off, Xtrem Hess Racing Kennel; Gonz Pina Kata, Xtrem Hess Racing Kennel; Fit The Battle, Jacobs Racing Kennel; AB Bad Influence, Jacobs Racing Kennel; Easi Lil Charlie, Blanchard Kennel; Atascocita Birma, Abrahamson Kennel; Me No Care, Steve Sarras Kennel; Craigie Pirate, Lester Raines Kennel; Saber Rylie, Imark Kennel; and CTW Tira Misu, Patriot/Taplin Kennel.

Next in line behind AD Black Falcon in points are a handful of racers with 25 points each – Craigie Pirate, Easi Lil Charlie, Shes Kinky, Time Killer and WW West Wing.

The original field of 88 greyhounds will be cut to 48 sprinters for Wednesday’s third round. Greyhounds with at least 10 points advanced.

The field will tentatively be cut to 24 sprinters, but could be higher, for the semifinal round on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 18. The championship final will be held during the matinee card on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Points accumulated after the second round: (the following greyhounds advance to the third round):

AD Black Falcon (Xtrem Hess), 30 points

Shes Kinky (Jacobs), 25 points Time Killer (Jacobs), 25 points Easi Lil Charlie (Blanchard), 25 points Craigie Pirate (Lester Raines), 25 points WW West Wing (Wayne Ward), 25 points

L’s Luv It (Blanchard), 22 points Fit The Battle (Jacobs), 22 points TNT Free Falling (Patriot/Taplin), 22 points RS Perfectionist (Lester Raines), 22 points

VJ Up Too Speed (Charter), 20 points Me No Care (Steve Sarras), 20 points

Atascocita Birma (Abrahamson), 18 points Eau Claire (Charter), 18 points

Gonz Pina Kata (Xtrem Hess), 17 points Saber Rylie (Imark), 17 points CTW Cant Stop It (Lester Raines), 17 points HK’s Jessiegirl (Blanchard), 17 points Jedi Tippsy Tail (Lester Raines), 17 points Penrose Boss (Blanchard), 17 points SJ Skynyrdnation (Lester Raines), 17 points

VIP Yankee (Jacobs), 16 points CTW Tira Miru (Patriot/Taplin), 16 point

Atascocita Berta (Abrahamson), 15 points AB Bad Influence (Jacobs), 15 points BGR Out Of Mind (Brad Boeckenstedt), 15 points Gloves Off (Xtrem Hess), 15 points Lee Logan (Lester Raines), 15 points JSK Crockett (Jacobs), 15 points Pat C Sidepocket (Rangel), 15 points

TNT Twister City (Patriot/Taplin), 14 points

JSK Roulette (Jacobs), 13 points Imark Solo (Imark), 13 points WW Livorno (Wayne Ward), 13 points WW Mumford (Wayne Ward), 13 points

BGR Ready Or Not (Brad Boeckenstedt), 12 points JPRG Ranger (Steve Sarras), 12 points Barts Fire Away (Charter), 12 points PBW Gannicus (Blanchard), 12 points

CG’s Penny Shoe (Abrahamson), 11 points

BGR Deadpool (Brad Boeckenstedt), 10 points AMF Bystander (A Ray), 10 points Outlaw Bustamove (Lester Raines), 10 points CTW Givin It All (Abrahamson), 10 points WW Foca (Wayne Ward), 10 points BGR King Kong (Brad Boeckenstedt), 10 points Racine (Charter), 10 points BGR Big Al (Brad Boeckenstedt), 10 points

(Note: Imark Stingray had 12 points after the second round but was scratched).

The following greyhounds were eliminated from the stakes event: 9 points: Flying Alita (Patriot/Taplin) 8 points: JS Wanna Bee (Lester Raines), Keeper Draco (Xtrem Hess), Tkel Ritz (Blanchard), Pat C Dog Patch (Rangel), You Got Lucky (Blanchard) 7 points: Keeper Messier (Xtrem Hess), Imark Mash (Imark), Imark Sonja (Imark) 6 points: CBJ Sharpshooter (Patriot/Taplin) 5 points: KB’s Argon (Blanchard), Hashtag Attitude (Abrahamson), AMF Well Played (A Ray), Abbi’s Eagle (Jacobs), VJ Geturfreakon (Rangel) 4 points: BGR Bonecrusher (Brad Boeckenstedt), Imark Bushwacka (Imark), Keeper Cry (Xtrem Hess), PJ Soul Survivor (Charter), Thanatos (Steve Sarras), Wobble Baby (Steve Sarras) 3 points: AMF Weirdo (A Ray), Aussie Stitch (Rangel), CTW Til Then Tes (Steve Sarras), MPJ Wild Flower (Rangel), WW Slick Simon (Wayne Ward) 2 points: AMF Whisterical (A Ray), BGR Clark Kent (Brad Boeckenstedt), Keeper Go Quasar (Xtrem Hess), BRC Justic (Xtrem Hess), Saber Bennett (Imark) 1 point: AMF Well Played (A Ray), Aussie Mak (Rangel), Hashtag Yani (Abrahamson), Mr Ellie (Rangel) 0 points: JS Beach Patrol (Rangel), Ponda Waco Hound (Abrahamson), Tiny Hug (Steve Sarras) Saber Hannah (Imark), out

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