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Mar 3, 2020

Penrose Boss– (66 Points)

OP Career Totals (24/11-7-1-1)

R FBD – MJune 2018 Barcelona Boss – Penrose Macie

Owned By – Joan De Salvo

Runs for the Jim Blanchard Kennel

Trained by Mark Blair

Taking the reigns at the top of the leaderboard was the youngster Penrose Boss. Living up to his name, Boss showed the field of stakes greyhounds over and over again just who was the BOSS in the qualifying rounds. Winning three times, and placing third in another, Boss was a dominate threat on or around the lead throughout the rounds. His best effort might not have been his fastest, but it might be a pre-curser to what may be to come in this final round race. In the semi-s, Boss broke the best that he has in ally of the round and was all alone at the turn. Four lengths clear of the rest, he breezed in the open air up front as he coasted to the stretch untouched. Down the stretch he gave it even more gas as he trounced this field by 7 full lengths at the finish line. Completing in his first stakes event, he not only made it to the finals, he was the point leader as they head into the big race on Saturday evening. He is the first of two greyhounds from the Jim Blanchard Kennel in the finals, which is not too shabby for a greyhound with just 24 starts under his belt. A closer by nature, he is not out of any race and you can see that in his lines. He has been in the money in 8 straight races, including all 4 rounds of the stakes, and has finished fourth or better in 16 of his last 17 starts. Post position can always play a role in the outcome of a closer as they need to get room to rush and run early on, and sometimes it can also help them break better. A combination of both help Boss around the racetrack consistently. He loves the inside part of the racetrack. He breaks better from there, and in turn, he always seems to get up into the money at the wire. In his last 10 races from the inside, he has won 7 times and finished in the quiniela on 9 occasions. His only time out of the money, he fell. Looking to continue to Boss around the competition, Penrose Boss just needs to be close early to have a shot to win once again tonight.

Easi Conroy– (57 Points)

OP Career Totals (24/13-7-1-1)

R– MApril 2017 Seldom Told – Easi Celtic

Owned By – Allyn Shaw

Runs for the Jim Blanchard Kennel

Trained by Mark Blair

The ship in Easi Conroy has taken to the Orange Park surface like a mouse to cheese, like peanut butter to jelly, like a fly to honey. He has been a strong force in every race since joining the ranks, and that was never more evident than in the stake rounds. Winning 3 races in a row to start off the competition, he was undefeated heading into the semi-finals where he stumbled out of the box, was bumped in the first turn, and finished out of the money. Still an impressive run early, which was showcased by his second-round effort. Breaking close, he rushed to early control, and never looked back. Stealing 3 lengths at the turn, he was in command, but he was not done just yet. Stretching down the backside, he turned that 3 to 5 lengths and maintained all the way to the wire for the uncontested win. Conroy is the 2nd of 2 for the Blanchard Kennel in the stake and gets into his first stakes final in his first try at stakes competition. A stalking closer, he can win with or without the early lead in any race and seems to always be in the mix at the finish line. Just check out his lines, he has been in the money in 24 of his last 26 races, including 13 wins and 20 quiniela efforts. Conroy is a midtrack runner and if he gets it pick a post, the 8 box would be the answer. He has won 4 straight from there and has never finished out of the quinieal starting in the tiger stripes. Forget the last race. I know he won’t stumble twice, and this field better be ready for him again, if they want to take him down tonight.

Pat C Lookie – (56 Points)

OP Career Totals (22/9-4-3-4)

Bk– FFebruary 2018 Pat C Sabbath– Pat C Lulu

Owned By – Pat Collins

Runs for the Pat Collins Kennel

Trained by Scott Jarvis

Another puppy phenom for the Pat Collins Kennel here as Pat C Lookie won 2 of 4 rounds of the stakes, and never finished out of the money, on her way to her first stakes final appearance in her first ever stakes action. Clearly this greyhound has the best raw speed in the bunch and that was on full display in her round 1 race. Breaking to the lead from the 8 box. Lookie said Lookie here to the rest of the field. Driving away to control early by 2 lengths, she cruised on the front end all the way around the far turn and to the wire to win by 3 lengths, but that was not the big news. The time was the big news. How about a 30.18 for you to LOOK at. That’s right just a couple of lengths off the track record. This pup can flat out fly and for what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in spades with talent, drive and determination. She never gives up and that shows up in the box score. She has not missed the money in 16 straight races and has only finished out of the top 4 position in 2 of her career starts. Lookie has all the tools to take home the win in this effort, but if she is going to get it done, she is going to have to get out of the starting box well tonight. Post position could go a lone way an helping her achieve that goal. She breaks and runs best from the edges. In the past she has showed great ability from the 1 box, where she has won 5 of 6 races, and from the 8 box where she has won 2 of her 3 starts. Tough to ignore 30.18 and 30.20 from the outside. So, keep an eye on here if she draws wide.

LK’s Effingham– (48 Points)

OP Career Totals (54/11-6-4-5)

Bk– F August 2017 LK’s Now R Never – LK’s Imagine It

Owned By – Jill Lashmet

Runs for the Lashmet Kennel

Trained by Ashley Bouthillier

Coming into her own at the right time, Lk’s Effingham posted a pair of wins and third and seventh place finish to find a spot in the final round field. Competing in her first stakes event, after finally reaching grade A, Effingham made it all way as the only entry left for the Lashmet Kennel. Her best effort came in round number one with a box to wire gem. Hitting the lid, she dashed away early to a 3-lengths lead the never surrendered. She maintained that margin all the way around the racetrack and crossed the wire easily ahead of the rest. A long a battled climb to the top grade has had its up and downs for this greyhound, but right now she is running the best of her career. She has been in the money in 6 of her last 7 races and won two of the four qualifying rounds in the stakes. An early speed runner that gives her best effort when she is close to the leaders early on, the break is a critical part of her success. Post position could aide her in this effort as well. So just where does she want to be? Anywhere on the edges. She has flourished in the past from the far inside and far outside posts, where she can get a clean run to the turn. Away from the crowd would be a better way to put it. Seven of her last 9 wins have come from the 1, 7, or 8 boxes. Clearly up against a tough field, she must break well tonight if she wants a shot at the title.

Super C Addison–(46Points)

OP Career Totals (25/6-3-6-8)

Bk. Bd – F April 2018 Superior Panama– Super C Alice

Owned By – Cole Kennel, Inc.

Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel

Trained by Mike Gerard

Super C Addison is the only double stakes finalist in this field despite only having 25 official starts, and she did it the only way she knows how, running in the money in all four rounds. Addison is a super closing pup that has now proven that she can compete with the best greyhounds at the racetrack over 660, and 550 yards. The first of 2 greyhounds for the Lester Raines Kennel, Addison will try her hand again at the finals and hopes to finish better than her 4th place effort in the 2020 Orange Park Derby. Breaking is really what she needs to do as it is a game changer for her. In the second round, that is what she did, and it payed off in the end. Coming out second, she stalked the pace to the far turn and then took over in the deep stretch. Motoring by in time, she scored her lone win by a length in 30.86 seconds. Consistency has been her calling card so far, in the cash in 23 of 25 career starts, but winning needs to be more of a priority as she has only won 6 of those starts. Post position could go a long way to help out this late flying wonder. She loves to run on the rail, but anywhere inside should be a great place for her to start from. Why? All 5 of her 550 wins have come inside the 5 box. No doubt she will be in the mix at the wire for a spot in the money again in this effort, but if she wants a chance at the title, she has to GET OUT OF THE BOX! She cannot spot these leaders 5 lengths early, or it will just be another too little too late effort into the also rans. Its up to her! Let’s see if she hits the zero-light tonight.

WW Bizslilboyblu– (46 Points)

OP Career Totals (101/18-11-15-9)

Be– M July 2016 Kc And All–Ww’s Baby Bonnet

Owned By – Joe Recker or Jaws Racing

Runs for Win City Racing

Trained byTraci Chase

Even though He has raced here for over 100 starts, no one really knows his name. Well that all changed when he was entered into this stake and showed up in a big way when he needed too. Finishing 4th, then 3rd, then 2nd, in the first 3 rounds, Biz had given himself a chance to make the finals, but it was his clutch effort in the semi-finals that would seal the deal. Breaking on top, he was outrushed to the lead at the turn, but never gave up the dream. He battled his way throughout the race and by the far turn had poked his nose in front of the leader. It was no way over just yet as he had to dig in deep and survive a resurging charge, and that he did. Winning by a nose, Biz make it into the finals in his first ever effort in the stakes for Win City Racing. A solid grade A and B performer, Biz has been up and down the ranks throughout in this career, but recently he has been running at his best. His 7 race in the money streak is the best of his career and he has peaked at just the right time. A midtrack steady runner, that can close on occasion, has to be close early in order to have a shot at the title. Post position could help him out with that too. He breaks better when he is on the edges of the racetrack. One, two, seven, or eight and he will be right at home. Tonight,he will be a long shot, but he too could surprise again if he hits the lid.

Lee Danger – (45 Points)

OP Career Totals (67/16-13-13-3)

R F– M August 2016 Kiowa Mon Manny– Lee Juliet

Owned By – Robert Gurley

Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel

Trained by Mike Gerard

Another greyhound that is a little bit long in the tooth with no stakes experience gets a shot at the title as well. Lee Danger might not have won a round in qualifying, but he was oh so close twice. Finishing with a pair of second place finishes by a NOSE, and another 2nd and a 3rd to go along with it, he was in the mix in each and every effort he ran in the rounds for the Lester Raines Kennel. Either of his by a nose finishes could be his best race as they booth looked so similar around the racetrack. Breaking well, rushing up hard early, stalking the leaders, driving hard late and challenging at the wire for the win. Just missing by a nose, see both the same, but round 1 gets the nod over round 4 as he ran a faster time. Danger is another greyhound that gives his all in every start and always seems to find a way to finish in the money. He has not missed the top 3 spots in his last 12 races in a row but only has 3 wins to show for his efforts. A rail runner that likes the edges, so the 1 or 8 boxes would suit him just fine in this effort. A pressing slight closer that can get it done from the lead or from off the pace as well, Danger needs to some to run early on if he stands a chance against this talented, younger, field of greyhounds. Winning tonight could be a bit of a stretch but finishing in the money might be a much easier task. You never know though as sometimes an old dog might just pull out a trick when needed.

Oshkosh Hoggy– (44 Points)

OP Career Totals (29/7-3-6-0)

R– MJuly 2017 Kiowa Mon Manny– Oshkosh Serena

Owned By – Norman Rader

Runs for the Crowe Kennel

Trained by Garnet Crowe

Last but not least is Oshkosh Hoggy. Hoggy has grown accustom to the racetrack since joining us late in 2019 and has flourished over the Orange Park oval. In the rounds he dominated in round 1 with an impressive win and followed that up with a pair of 2nd place efforts and a 7th final finish in the semis. Scoring enough points to squeak his way into the finals, Hoggy finishes off his first attempt at stakes racing with a final round appearance for the Crowe Kennel. That best run effort was in round number 1 where he broke close, rushed to the lead at the first turn and romped away from the rest of the field all the way to the wire. He crossed 7 lengths clear of the rest and showed that he was a player in the stakes. Running his best when he is clear early, he needs a good spot to start from in order to be competitive. He loves the outside and has flourished from the 6, 7 and 8 boxes. In nine efforts in a row he has not finished worse than 3rd and that includes 5 wins. Just because he finished last in points, doesn’t mean that he can’t win this race. All it takes is a good post, a solid break, and maybe a little luck and he could Hogg away the lead and score.

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