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Caliente Kennel Wins for Grade A / 546 - Dec 3-9

Patricia Saul

Dec 10, 2023

La Fiesta Kennel had four Grade A wins with Tv’s Starling, Tv’s Black Swift, Casual Thing and Bgr Jungle Juice. Trainer Bobby Mir


Rio Grande Kennel captured four wins from AMF Seldom Found (2), Gonz Simona and AMF Seldomcaught. Trainer Marcos Gonzalez


Tijuana Kennel seized three Grade A wins with WW Amor, WW Charity and WW May Queen. Trainer Aldara Fuentes


Kennels capturing one Grade A win were Correcaminos (Troublesome, Trainer Karen Sadulski), Los Taxis (WW Wanton Game, Trainer Vicente Lopez) and Newport (Laughter N Tears, Trainer Tyler Sadulski). 

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