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Caliente Kennel Wins for Grade A / 546 -Dec 17-23

P. Saul

Dec 25, 2023

Rio Grande Kennel took four wins with (2) Gonz Califia, Amf Summit and Amf Seldom Found. Trainer Marcos Gonzalez


Tijuana Kennel seized four Grade A wins with (2) WW Ellery Queen, WW Charity and WW May Queen. Trainer Aldara Fuentes


La Fiesta Kennel had three Grade A wins with Casual Thing, Miss Movin On and Bgr Jungle Juice. Trainer Bobby Mir


Los Taxis grabbed three Grade A wins for (2) WW Waintin Game and WW Kreek. Trainer Vicente Lopez


Newport Kennel had one Grade A from Laughter N Tears. Trainer Tyler Sadulski

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