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Jim Gartland

Feb 2, 2023

West Virginia superstar CET Dirty Dilly has once again been voted Captain of the 2022 All American team. The annual naming of the All-America team, dates back to 1963. The program pays tribute to the top eight greyhounds nationally.

Others named to this year’s squad are: FGF Davycrockett (Southland), Florentine (Wheeling), CET Dirty Dan (Tri State/Wheeling), JS Nawty Redhead (Southland), Winchester (Southland), RS Big D (Wheeling) and JS Pumpedupkicks (Tri State).

This year’s second team is comprised of: World Ruler (Southland), Gold Standard (Southland), Foolish Behavior (Southland), CET Barracuda (Wheeling), Super C Brew (Southland), Oshkosh Edward (Southland), Army (Southland) and FGF Bodacious (Southland).

Heading up this year's team is it's Captain, CET Dirty Dilly (SH Avatar-CET Dirty Nicki) who was Tri State's win leader, as well as National Win Leader, and finished out of the money only one time all year. Perhaps the most steady and consistent greyhound racing in 2022, Dirty Dilly won 40 races during the year, just two short of last year's nation leading 42, in seven less starts. She would finish the year with a 48-40-3-4-0 record and the well earned reward as Captain of the 2022 AA team.

FGF Davycrockett (Trent Lee-FGF Jamboree) After seven starts at 550 yards while breaking in at Southland in 2021, Davycrockett was moved over to 660 yards. He was finally able to break his Maiden going the longer distance and since then, has never looked back. In 2022 he was the win leader and top money earner at Southland running strictly 660 and 703 yard races. He would finish in the money 40 out of 45 times on his way to winning 18 races, cementing himself as the best distance dog at the track. His final stats would read 45-18-9-5-8.

Another Southland distance star, Winchester (Shonn-Fiesta Toril), makes the team coming off a 15 win season and setting a new track record for the 660 yard course at West Memphis. Racing for Plum Creek Kennel at Southland, Winchester sizzled to a 36.06 clocking in April of last year to set the new mark for the course. He never missed the paysheet during the year, ompiling a 38-15-10-7-6 overall record, winning 15 which was good enough for 3rd most for the year at Southland.

JS Nawty Redhead (Show On The Road-JS Runnin Havoc) makes the 2022 team as another talented distance dog from Southland. The red fawn female switched over to the longer races in mid-March and picked up a win in her first start at the distance. She would go on to win 14 more at 660 yards, good enough to finish in 2nd place in the win standings for the year at Southland. She finished with a record of 35-17-3-2-3 for 2022.

Florentine (Rob Gronkowski-PJ Sour Diesel) broke in at Wheeling in late 2021 and within 3 months found herself in grade AA. Early speed is her game and once on the lead, she was tough to beat. She finished the year as the win leader at the Wheeling oval with 22 victories. A couple of three and four race win streaks helped contribute to her overall record of 56-22-9-1-4.

The only real stake winner of the year, CET Dirty Dan (SH Avatar-CET Dirty Nicki) captured the WVGOBA Championship back in October, just one of his 22 wins on the year. Dirty Dan started the year in Tri State and showed some of the same form as his super sister, CET Dirty Dilly. He would win 8 races at Tri State before moving on to Wheeling for the stake. He took to the Wheeling track and picked up 14 more wins including the stake for an overall 39-22-6-2-1 record for the year.

Another distance star to make this year's team, JS Pumpedupkicks (Show On The Road-JS E Z Livin), joins the team off of a stellar 2022. He was easily the best distance dog at Tri State in 2022 pulling off a couple of five race win streaks and setting a track record along the way. In September, the big male rolled to an 11 length win in 37.42, shattering the old record for the 677 yard course. His year was shortened by injury, but he finished with a 45-27-6-3-2 record, good enough for fifth in the nation in wins.

In somewhat of a surprise, RS Big D (Oya Stan The Man-RS Hard Drive) makes the team despite being injured and only acquiring 14 starts for the year. But what a 14 starts they were! Running strictly distance races, the big brindle male won 12 of those 14 starts including 10 in a row( 13 in a row carried over from 2021) and was, by far, the best distance hound at Wheeling. He ran out of the money only one time and finished the abbreviated year with a 14-12-1-0-0 record.

These eight represent the 1st team and will be honored with All-America plaques at the Greyhound Hall Of Fame awards ceremony on Thursday night, Apr. 27, during the NGA Spring Meet in Abilene, KS.

2nd Team

Southland Grandpa, World Ruler (Need My Moneynow-Fly Miley Cyrus) leads the Second Team of All-Americans. He compiled a 31-14-6-4-5 record after turning 4 years of age early in the year.  He is joined by the following:

Gold Standard (Stealintheshow-Dutch Jackie) 27-14-3-4-2 at Southland.

Foolish Behavior (Djays Octane-Mytimetofly) 43-14-107-4 at Southland

Super C Brew (Superior Panama-Super C Belle) 24-11-3-2-2 at Southland

Oshkosh Edward (Oshkosh Kid-Oshkosh Fired Up) 54-20-8-5-5 at Wheeling

CET Barracuda (Superior Panama-MRL Bail Me Out) 18-9-2-1-2 at Tri State/Wheeling

Army (Shonn-Bella Cypress) 32-10-8-8-2 at Southland

FGF Bodacious (FGF Chisum-FGF Boogiewoogie) 35-14-85-3 at Southland

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