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Jan 31, 2020

My favorite time is back, Stake final Saturday. This time we dive into the finals of the 2020 Orange Park Derby, coming your way this Saturday evening February 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of talent to tap for this one as every greyhound in the final had to win in qualifying to get in, and 5 of the 8 finalists were never out of the money in any of the rounds. Let’s take a closer look at each greyhound and then see just how I think this race is going to play out.

Race 11, Saturday evening February 1st, 2020 – Finals of 2020 Orange Park Derby

1. Fakeit To Makeit (Barcelona Boss – Knit Picker) is a good breaking, chasing, rail running greyhound that draws the 1 box. With 6 efforts in a row in the quiniela, she should be a threat throughout again.

2. Super C Addison (Superior Panama – Super C Alice) is a puppy that has never finished out of the money. She loves the rail, gets it here, must break better to have a shot to keep up with the big front-runners in this effort.

3. Pat C Woozy (Pat C Clement – Pat C Ok) is a good stalking closer over the route and can explode and be a double-digit winner when she decides to break. Here she needs a similar effort to round 1 where she broke on top and finished 10 lengths better than the rest.

4. Pat C Jacob (Pat C Clement – Gable Loaded) is a converted sprinter that might not break the best but gets stronger as the race plugs on. He has to work to get to the rail but was in the quiniela in his lats 4 efforts from this post position.

5. UC Ricky Snickle (Kelsos Cork Man – L’s Lil Booty) is a strong breaker that took down the point leader in the semis. He too needs to get to the rail but could easily if he hits the lid. Look for him to press the pace to the wire.

6. PRG Get You Back (Rico’s Vintage – Jw Calamity Jane) was the point leader and the favorite to win this race. She has scored victories in 16 of her last 20 starts but must see the front end to keep the dream alive in this effort.

7. RTSS Gonwitdawin (Defrim Bale* – Kiowa Jill Vik) is an all or nothing greyhound that can demolish fields on the front end if the planets are aligned. Winner in rounds 1 and 2 from the outside. She has the post to be a threat, who know what we will get tonight.

8. WP’s Twistedlady (Seldom Told – Wp Black Velvet) is a solid grade A, 660 greyhound, whose dad won in this race in 2016. She is a pressing semi closer, that can break and rule on occasion. Ideally posted here, she should extend that super streak.

Ok as the lure heads by the box and it pops open, it will be game on from the middle of the pack. UC Ricky Snickle and RPG Get You Back will be coming to run. Both greyhounds have great early speed. Both could see the front end, and whoever gets that nose in front could be a winner. Here I think that RPG Get You Back will be the one. Not early, I think Ricky outbreaks here, but by the escape she will resurge to the lead and the game will be on. This duo should battle for the lead spot with every step they take around the oval. They will not be alone though. I think the edges comes to play as well. Both well posted, Fakeit To Makeit and WP’s Twistedlady both have enough early to be a threat and neither of them are short at the end of the race. Both will snuggle up throughout this effort and they could make an interesting run to challenge as well. In the end, I think the early speeders take the cake. Favorite Get You Back lives up to the hype and gets revenge on Ricky for the last effort. In a tight one. I like the outside greyhounds maintaining to the wire as Fakeit To Makeit outlasts WP’s Twistedlady for third. (6-5-1-8)

Remember that we will be running our Dash For Cash promotion along with our fan favorite 2nd chance drawings. What could be more fun? Great greyhounds, great food, great drinks, great friends, and several chances throughout the evening to win free cash! I know I will be there! I’ll see you at the races!

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