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Stan Pawloski

Dec 17, 2021

Double G Kennel’s Flying Okahana and Superior Kennel’s RF Snowflake top the leaderboard after two rounds of the $100,000 Mardi Gras Championship at Tri-State Greyhound Park.

The two sprinters each posted a pair of wins in the first two rounds to accumulate 24 points heading into the third round on Saturday, Dec. 18, when the original field of 80 greyhounds will be cut to 56.

The semifinals with the top 24 greyhounds are set for Thursday, Dec. 23, and the championship final on Thursday, Dec. 30.

            Following are the point totals after two rounds.

            24 points – Flying Okahana, RF Snowflake

            21 points – Turbo Foley, CET Dirty Dilly, Turbo Raya, RS Thousand RPM, Fly L Donald Jr

            19 points – John J Rambo, Superior Tiara, Younoseeme, FF Salty Dog

            18 points – RS Felicha, Bug Brush

            17 points – FF Roadhouse, Centex Ryan, Crocket

            16 points – Deco All Redd, KBJ Powerplay, Super C Aneeta

            15 points – CTW Kayden

            14 points – Fly Greg Geter, Tilly Blue, Dodgecity Haggen, SNL Gone Girl, Superior Bonnie

            12 points – CET Dirty Dan, Arkans Maverick, GLS Havana, Superior Andy, RS Top Gear, Let It Down

            11 points – HC Crazy Ray

            10 points – O Ya Power Surge, Barts Don’t Dally, Arkansmaximilian

            9 points – Loyal Walk In, GLS Wyatt Earp, JS Pumpedupkicks, Burning Man, Turbo Rebecca

            8 points – Oshkosh Clover, Coach Wonder, Flying Michonne, Killer Toystoy, Coach Oh Boy

            7 points – Deeming, Economic Model, CET Dirty Red, Like My Tail, Stilettos

            6 points – Andifuloseboohoo, Artex Bronzewing, Tool Dresser, Super C Diva, Arkans Sloth, Fly Killer Kiss, Coach Van Winkle

            5 points – Flying Michifuku

            4 points – Fly Mickey Mouse, KB’s Singer, Turbo Ravened

            3 points – Forever Aftercall, Turbo Yolonda, GM State My Case, Iced Latte, Arkans JD Hazel, Touche Lorraine, JS Kool Kash, K’s Doja, TMC’s Classy Babe, Deco Doolin

            2 points – Finkleis Einhorn, TNT Inferno, GLS Rosebuddy

            1 point – Mac’s Campbell, I’m Not Buggin, Proud American

            0 points – Irish Embassy, SE’s Mi Treat, Barts Late Kick.

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