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Shane Bolender

Mar 30, 2021

Although upsets were plentiful in the first couple of rounds of the 2021 “Hound Madness” Stakes, once 60 greyhounds got eliminated and we ended up with four remaining for the semi-finals, the “chalk” survived all the chaos, setting up for what should be one heck of a set of match races this coming Friday.

The West Region was won by #3 seed Pat C Ram Rod (Gloria Dorsey Kennel), who took out #1 seed Air Ace during the 3rd race on Saturday rather easily, extending an early length lead to 3 ½ lengths by the time the finish line came. That win extended his overall race winning streak to four straight going into the Furry Four round.

The Midwest Region was won by #1 seed Craigie Delegate. The Monte Hoopes trained star seems to be the crème of the overall crop as as the red and white fawn male beat #6 seed TMC’s Sweetcraig by 3 ½ lengths to advance. His stat sheet is pretty impressive, as not only has the 69 pound male won his last five starts, but has won 10 of 12 races this year and 14 of 17 career races overall.

The East Region was captured by #2 seed JS Keephopealive (Lester Raines Kennel). This is the second entry in the Furry Four field for trainer Monte Hoopes. This is also the only female out of the four remaining greyhounds, making her a rooting favorite to face off against the big boys. Some would argue her path to this stage in the stakes event was the easiest, facing some of the weaker seeds to get here. She easily dispatched #5 seed Eliza Fraser in the “Greyt Eight” round, winning by 6 ½ at the finish line and still pulling away.

The fourth and final region (South) was won by #3 seed Aladdin (A Ray Kennel). The red male held off gamely #13 seed XM Stride N by a single lengths in probably the best match race of the four recently contested. Oddly enough, it was also the only race he won outright, as he finished second overall the previous four races.

The “tail” of the tape on both races is detailed below. Race #13 on Friday’s performance will feature the JS Keephopealive vs. Aladdin match race while race #16 will feature Craigie Delegate vs. Pat C Ram Rod. The winners of both races will face off for the championship on Friday, April 9th.

RACE 13 (Grade SAA) – Friday, April 2, 2021

JS KEEPHOPEALIVE                        VS.                      ALADDIN

RACE 16 (Grade SAA) – Friday, April 2, 2021

CRAIGIE DELEGATE                      VS.                    PAT C RAM ROD                

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