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Jim Gartland

Jul 30, 2021

The recently completed Hall of Fame Facebook auction resulted in a donation of over $36,000 to the Greyhound Hall of Fame! Hundreds of items were donated and auctioned off over the course of a month or so and was well received by the greyhound nation. These funds will go a long way in helping the Hall remain a showplace and a shining light for the greyhound industry.

Many, many thanks go out to all of those who donated items and especially to all of those who bid on and "won" these great memories and artifacts. Thanks also to Tom Taplin and family, Connie Karsmizki, Kathy Lounsbury, and Warren Kready, for all their time and effort in helping to make this a success.

Most of all, however, the Hall and the industry owes a mountain of thanks to Donna and Brett Weeks as well as Nancy Nelson for organizing, operating and overseeing this tremendous undertaking! Donna and Nancy took care of all the details, from the smallest items to the biggest problems, beginning to end and without their hard work and dedication this event would have never taken place, let alone, been such a tremendous success. On behalf of the Hall and the greyhound industry, we salute you!

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