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Feb 28, 2020

What a great Saturday evening we have for you for LEAP year. It happens once every four years, so we though we would add 4 other stakes distances to the mix and get an ALL Distance card for everyone to wager on. You get to see stakes events over 330, 550, 660, 770, and 990 yards, and that includes 2 semi-final-round of the 2020 bestbet Sprint Classic. If that was not enough, we will be running our Leap Year Loot promotion where we will be giving away loads of cash! Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets this Saturday at bestbet Jacksonville.

Leap Day All Distance Evening – Saturday February 29, 2020

Race 2 – (330 Yards) – Super sprint coming your way and there is no better early speeder than JS Range Rover. This greyhound can get to the front on any field and this one is NOT chalked full of grade A’s. Expect him to be pressed, but on the lead, he wins. Prompting the pace will be the other inside ankle burners. Mi Bronc Buster is a promising pup that is not just fast, but he has his beloved rail too. Jay Abu is more rusher than breaker, so see the instant lead won’t happen, but he still should be in the mix. And don’t forget about Misterbythatmuch. Another strong early threat that is well posted and could upset. (3-1-4-2)

Race 4 – (990 Yards) – From the shortest course to the longest, the super-marathon runners make their way into the card once again. You never pick against the Lashmet Kennel in this race as they have won the last 2 times, we have run it. They always seem to dominate and LK’s Dimingus gets the nod tonight. RS Libbys Pick has the class edge on everyone else and the rail which makes her dangerous. Like the rest though, just don’t know if she can go this far. WW Aces Of Aces is a good steady runner with good class lines that might be able to contend over the route, and Watch Me Grin might not look that good on paper, but the gears he has late might just come in handy over the added, added distance event. If you are looking for a longshot, pick the Cheshire cat from the middle post. (6-1-7-5)

Race 5 – (550 Yards) – Semi-Finals 2020 bestbet Sprint Classic – Talk about your tough races. This one is loaded to the brim with tip top talent and it is going to be highly contested from the get-go. Obviously Pat C News will bomb to the lead and control this race to the stretch but getting home a winner could be a tricky proposition in this race. WHY? The fast as I want to be runner, WW Blazing Crest is right next door and can outbreak, or, run down, News if his head is on right. Recently he has been MONEY, and tonight I the trend continues from a better post. Double winners Penrose Boss and LK’s Effingham are no slouch themselves as both get good post position and can threaten a pace from close or far. (4-5-2-7)

Race 7 – (660 Yards) – I see this race looking like the last one over this distance, the finals of the 2020 Orange Park Derby. WP’s Twistedlady is back from a couple of efforts over 550 for the stakes and now gets back at home over 660 yards. She loves the outside, she won the stakes from the 8 box, and I expect her break to return. She will be pressed early by Arby from the rail. This solid grade A early speeder will be on or near the lead in the early stages of this race, but late he just won’t be able to hang with the champ. Fellow finalist Fakeit To Makeit always gives her all in each and every start. A solid chaser, she should factor in the money throughout in this effort, and don’t forget WW Frankie D. You might not know his name, but you need to pay attention. He is a solid grade A that can close well over the round and finally gets out of the 5 box. If he gets loose, he could be upset minded tonight. (5-1-6-7)

Race 9 – (770 Yards) – Another wide-open race and only a couple of greyhound have run this far in this field. Class over the rest, so you have to like the grade A’s on the outside of the racetrack. LK’s I Got This looks the part. A solid grade A winner that is not short over the 660 yards course and can dominate up front when she gets loose early. The 8 box with no speed around early, helps her get it done. Pat C Woozy is hot off a win and can flat out fly late when he is not impeded early on. Don’t expect to see her early, but late you know that she will make her presence known. Dutch Bally might lack class, but has the raw late speed needed to be effective over this distance, and KW Cassadee Pope is a solid chasing plugger that has run 770 before and knows how to stay in the money. Look for another superfecta finish tonight. (8-7-3-6)

Race 11 – (550 Yards) – Semi-Finals 2020 bestbet Sprint Classic – The other semi-final round race and this one is just as tough as the other. Easi Conroy has to be the one to beat here. He has won 3 straight races, and 5 of his last 6 starts, and took down super pup Pat C Lookie Last time out. He has the 1 box and I don’t see anything working against him. He will have to be on the top of his game, but an undefeated run through the rounds is within his reach. Speaking of Lookie, she is back in with Conroy again and gets a chance at revenge. This double winner in the stakes was a mere couple of lengths off of the track record in round number 1. Her blazing speed could be a difference maker, especially if she can outbreak Conroy from a great middle post. Others to consider include Lookie’s kennelmate Pat C Adieu and Super C Addison. Adieu looks to rebound after a rough trip last time out and Addison is never out of any race that she runs in. Both have the skills to score, might just need a little help to get it done in this effort against this talented field of greyhounds. (4-1-6-5)

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