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Jan 13, 2020

Its time to kick off the stakes racing season in 2020 with the Orange Park Derby. The best greyhounds at the racetrack will battle in head to head competition over the next two weekends for a chance at the cash and the crown on Saturday evening February 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. A ton of converted sprinters are amongst the ranks and we will soon see if they are up to the added distance. The 660 mainstays are also here, so who will come out on top in round 1? Let’s take a closer look.

Round 1 of 2020 Orange Park Derby – Monday evening January 13th, 2020

Race 7 – Easy choice here as the solid grade A router is Fakeit To Makeit. A clear class edge top notch winner over 660 will get to take once several newcomers and other lower grade 660 racers. Posted well, out and gone and holding on to win. Ww Annie Kay is switching to 660 and might be able to compete early. A solid breaking grade A, she might be able to hang in early, don’t know if she can run this far. UC Ricky Snickle can close late over the distance and will make his presence know, and don’t forget about TMC’s Makinmoney. Dad Seldom Told was the winner of this race a few years ago. (3-7-8-6)

Race 9 – Go with the hot hand here. WP’s Twistedlady has won 3 of her last 4 starts and hasn’t missed the quiniela in any of those efforts. She has good early speed and is determined late. Bred to run this far, dad Seldom Told was an OPD winner in the past. Pat C Woozy can really let things fly when he gets loose early, but he must break to impress here. The most is good, and late he will come flying to challenge. Other routers I Dont Care could press throughout from a great post, and the Thanksgiving Marathon Champ, Baby Stop Crying, is rested well and could threaten from off the pace late. (7-4-3-6)

Race 10 – Pre-Race favorite RPG Get You Back might just be the one to beat in this whole stake race. Winning 5 of the last 6 races, she is a force over this distance. From the outside post, she will be unabated to the lead and should dominate in this effort. Super C Addison might be new to the route, but she sure looks the part of a 660 greyhound. Anyone out of Super C Alice can run this far. Don’t be surprised by an upset. WW Spending Time is a solid grade A winner over 660 that could be a tough as well tonight. She is a bit short late and that could cost her in the final few strides tonight. Alcohol U Later is a strong closer that is a big outclassed in this effort. Still young, showing promise, despite the grade disadvantage, he is good enough to factor at the wire here against these. (8-5-7-4)

Race 12 – WW Porro has not missed the quiniela in 4 straight and has not finished out of the money in 6 races in a row. He has good early speed, will be a threat to the early leaders, and late will prove best for the win. BGR Woe Is Me is loving the new distance and has taken to it like a fish to water. Getting better in every start, don’t overlook those back to back wins. A new grade A, she lacks experience, but not late drive to talent. She too could be a threat to win here. LK’s Haul N Cash needs to get back breaking, and back on track, if she wants a chance to shine tonight, and in the stretch everyone better be wary of the hard closing TMC’s Skatman as they approach the finish line. (8-5-7-4)

Race 14 – I know it is new to the distance, but sometimes you have to go in instinct. Pat C Jacob loved the rail and gets the one box in this effort. He is not short! He is a powerful greyhound, and you cannot forget about that 30.21 clocking sitting there 3 races back. He will break better over the route and I expect him to make quite a debut over 660 yards tonight. Trying to challenge him will be the trio of grade A 660 routers. LK’s I Got This is a good breaker that will prompt the pace throughout in this effort, especially from the 8 box. RTSS Gonwitdawin is tough when she is close early on. No big speed around here in this effort and breaking from a favorable post, she contends too. Arby can come on strong late on occasion and looks to make the most of the 2 box here. If the mood is right, she has the speed to challenge as well. (1-8-6-2)

Round 2 will run on Friday evening January 17th as all 5 races return. Don’t miss out on your favorites as we surge on thru to the finals on Saturday evening February 1st at bestbet Jacksonville.

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