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Patricia Saul

May 15, 2023

After the first two rounds of the $65,000 WGGOBA Open Sprint at Tri State, Abrahamson Kennel’s CG’s Roadrunner and CET Kennel’s CET Dirty Dilly remain undefeated. In the second round, each sprinter led box to wire to top the leaderboard with each accumulating 24 points going into the quarter finals. 

The quarter-finals will be this Thursday, May 18, followed by the semi-finals on Tuesday, May 23. Starting post time is 6:00 PM EST. 

The Open Sprint Stakes championship is scheduled for Saturday, May 27.

Others sprinters scoring second round wins were CET Miguel (CET), CET Sanchez (CET), CET Negan (CET) and RS’s Penny Lane (Lester Raines).


Accumulated points after the second qualifying round: 

24 points: CG’s Roadrunner (Abrahamson), CET Dirty Dilly (CET)

21 points: CG’s Bo Peep (Abrahamson), CET Negan (CET)

19 points: RS’s Penny Lane (Lester Raines), JA’s Dupont (Abrahamson)

18 points: CET Daryl (CET), GF Steel Horse (Lomax), CG's Miss Muffet (Abrahamson)

17 points: JA’s Henry Ford (Abrahamson)

16 points: CET Scooby (CET), CET Bill (CET)

15 points: CET Miguel (CET)

14 points: Coach Hatfield (Double G), CET Sanchez (CET), TS Dustin Lynch (CET)

12 points: Mac’s Sugar Pie (McMillon / Ward), Mac's New York (McMillon / Ward), TS 

Buckwheat (CET), CET Nonstop (CET)

11 points: Mac’s Gobstopper (McMillon / Ward)

10 points: RS’s Big Jake (Lester Raines)

9 points: CG’s Boy Blue (Abrahamson), GLS Blondie (JS)

8 points: CG’s Red Ryder (Abrahamson), CET Gravely (CET), TS Fit Bit (CET), CET Fernando (CET), CET Comin In Hot (CET), GLS Daisy Dot (JS), Coach Oh Boy (Double G), Coach Molina (Double G) 

7 points: GF Lucky Penny (Lomax), Coach Corralejo (Double G)

6 points: RS’s Abraham (Lester Raines), RS's Happyharper (Lester Raines)

5 points: Coach Gorillaglu (Double G), Coach Van Winkle (Double G), Coach Wonka (Double G), Mac's Augie (McMillon Ward)

3 points: Coach Deathstar (Double G)

4 points: CET Salina (CET), Coach Tanteo (Double G), CET Juana (CET)

2 points: Arroyo Roxanne (Lomax), Coach Wonder (Double G)

1 point: Coach Gelato (Double G), GF Straight One (Lomax)

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