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Tri State Kennel Wins for Grade AA/A 550 & TAA 677: June 11 - 15, 2024

P. Saul

Jun 17, 2024

Superior Kennel, trained by Jadwiga Kups, secured the Grade TAA (677) victory with Oya Phil T Rich, while Oya Will E Makit, a littermate, seized a Grade AA win, and Superior Integra claimed the Grade A win,


Abrahamson Kennel, trained by Todd Johnson, captured a Grade AA victory with Cg’s Nail Biter and a Grade A win with Ff Easy Wheezy.


Cet Kennels, trained by Scott Robinette, seized two Grade AA wins for Cet Fernando.


Blanchard Kennel, trained by Scott Scharff, took a Grade AA win for Arkwild B Asami and a Grade A for Arkwild B Bernad.


JS Kennels, trained by Garret Gruden, clinched a Grade AA win with Special Ops and a Grade A with Gls Mohawk Magic.


Lester Raines Kennel, trained by Jim Cochran, achieved one Grade A with Rs’s Penny Lane and a Grade A with Valentine Gal.


Heather Lomax Kennel, trained by Betty Lomax, took a Grade AA win for Hl’s Carson.


Wayne W. Ward Inc Kennel, trained by Eric Griffin, captured a Grade A win from Ww Magic Fire and a Grade TA (677) from Ww Imogene.


On Line Race Kennel, trained by Leon Giguere, had one Grade A win from Jsp Eazy Money.


Rs Racing Kennel, trained by Joe Osborne, secured a Grade A with Grease Lightning. 


Double G Racing Kennel, trained by Greg Geter, secured a Grade TA (677) win for Tnt Cabana.


Daily handles: $ 401,019.22, $ 499,921.91, $ 601,663.74, $ 655,470.01 and $ 654,673.10.

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