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Tri State Kennel Wins for Grade AA/A 550 & TAA 677 : Jan 30-Feb 3

P. Saul

Feb 6, 2024

Abrahamson Kennel (trainer Todd Johnson) captured four Grade AA wins with littermates Cg’s Nail Biter & CG’s Sun Storm and Ja’s Dupont & Ja’s Henry Ford. 


JS Kennels (trainer Garret Gruden) had one Grade AA from Jsp Burninmoney. Three racers, who had Grade A wins, were Mac’s Sugar Pie, What Else Ya Got and Jsp Moneyexpress.


Lester Raines Kennel (trainer Jim Cochran) grabbed one Grade AA win from Rs’s Penny Lane. Racer Dd Gift of Gab took the Grade A win. 


Double G Racing Kennel (trainer Greg Geter) took one Grade AA win with Ab Yes Man.


Cet Kennels (trainer Scott Robinette) seized two Grade A wins from Cet Blazin Blitz and Cet Dirty Toodls. 


Kennels that had one Grade A win were Heather Lomax Kennel (Kc’s Quinn) and Superior Kennel (O Ya Joe Kerr). 


Rs Racing Kennel captured two TAA wins from Turbo Saki and Ww Steely Dan. 


Daily handles: $0, $ 549,797.83, $ 559,285.52, $ 669,575.20, and $ 676,185.39.

*Racing was cancelled Tuesday, January 30th. 

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