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Tri State Kennel Wins for Grade AA 550 /A 550 /TAA 677 - Dec 19-23

P. Saul

Dec 25, 2023

Abrahamson Kennel captured three Grade AA wins with Cg’s Styxnstones (TS-5-2-0-1-0), CG’s Sun Storm (TS-29-21-5-2-0) and littermate Cg’s Honesty (TS-34-9-6-4-6).


Heather Lomax Kennel had three Grade AA wins from littermates (2) Hl’s Brian (TS-44-15-13-4-2) and Hl’s Antonio (TS-51-10-5-9-1). Two Grade A winners were Arroyo Demetris (TS-25-4-4-7-1) and Kfb Lb’s Legacy (TS-48-10-2-4-3).


Lester Raines Kennel seized two Grade AA wins for Js Stay Humble (TS-9-6-1-0-0) and Js Outer Limits (TS-49-9-13-10-4).


Double G Kennel grabbed one Grade AA win with Ab Draconium (TS-26-17-1-1-4). Two racers, Tnt Scotsman (TS-23-5-10-1-2) and Coach Heath (TS-18-5-3-0-4) had Grade A wins.


Rs Racing took two Grade A wins with Apollo Justice (TS-42-10-9-5-4) and Speedin Miss (TS-53-11-14-6-4).


Superior Kennel captured two Grade A wins from Oya Jessie Jane (TS-36-6-11-4-6) and O Ya Good Looken (TS-53-9-5-6-9).


On Line Racing Kennel had two Grade TAA wins with Army (TS-42-15-11-5-6).


Kennels capturing one Grade A win were Blanchard Kennel (Bgr Bottoms Up, TS-25-5-3-1-5), CET Kennel (Cet Dirty Tom, TS-16-6-3-1-0) and JS Kennel (Od Red Romer, TS-45-4-12-10-5).


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