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Oct 11, 2021

Two greyhounds – Blanchard Kennel’s Penrose Boss and Jacobs Racing Kennel’s Abbi’s Eagle – are undefeated after two rounds of the $100,000 Mountaineer Classic at Wheeling Island.

Penrose Boss and Abbi’s Eagle both posted closing victories in the stretch Friday afternoon in the second round. The sprinters have accumulated 30 points.

The Lester Raines Kennel had four wins in the second round – Teaser’s Tickle, Craigie Daughtry, CTW Cant Stop It and JS Slush Fund. Other second round winners were Abbi’s Frontman (Jacobs Racing), WW Go Chiefs Go (Wayne Ward) and KB’s Copy Kat (Charter Kennel).

The field will be cut to 40 sprinters for the third preliminary round scheduled for Wednesday matinee, Oct. 13. The field will tentatively be cut to 24 sprinters, but could be higher, for the semifinal round on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 17.

The championship final will be held during the matinee card on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Points accumulated after the second round follow:

Penrose Boss (Blanchard), 30 points Abbi’s Eagle (Jacobs Racing), 30 points

JS Slush Fund (Lester Raines), 25 points Ding Dong Ditch (Imark), 25 points Frappe (Blanchard), 25 points

CTW Black Forest (Steve Sarras), 22 points

KB’s Copy Kat (Charter), 20 points O Ya Bobbie Sue (Lester Raines), 20 points LK’s Trubulee (Steve Sarras), 20 points Turbo Walt (Code Red), 20 points WW Go Chiefs Go (Wayne Ward), 20 points

JS Rob Stone (Blanchard), 18 points Craigie Daughtry (Lester Raines), 18 points CTW Cant Stop It (Lester Raines), 18 points

WW Grandiose (Wayne Ward), 17 points Abbi’s Frontman (Jacobs Racing), 17 points

Dark Guinness (Jacobs Racing), 16 points Teaser’s Tickle (Lester Raines), 16 points

BO’s Tracy (Blanchard), 15 points Easi Kadeem (Blanchard), 15 points Oshkosh Edward (Charter), 15 points

Hi Noon Ricochet (Jacobs Racing), 14 points Gettin My Buz On (Jacobs Racing), 14 points

Easi Vesurio (Blanchard), 13 points JS Saltythursday (Lester Raines), 13 points Axtrem Flicker (Xtrem Hess Racing), 13 points

Frogman (Blanchard), 12 points BGR Out Of Mind (Brad Boeckenstedt), 12 points RS’s Dark Night (Lester Raines), 12 points JS Shock Therapy (Lester Raines), 12 points Day Drinking (Imark), 12 points Eau Claire (Charter), 12 points RHT Marylynn (Xtrem Hess Racing, 12 points

Clap Back (Imark), 11 points

Super C Amega (Lester Raines), 10 points Mega Felipe (A Ray), 10 points Oshkosh Dally (Charter), 10 points Jack Parkman (Charter), 10 points

Atascocita Birma (Code Red), 9 points LK’s Santorini (Steve Sarras), 9 points

(The following greyhounds have been eliminated from the stakes event).

Barts Worthwhile (Charter), 9 points BGR Bigfoot (Brad Boeckenstedt), 9 points Tickle Ur Fancy (Imark), 9 points Imark Mash (Imark), 8 points Memphis Minnie (Wayne Ward), 8 points Atascocita Amity (Code Red), 8 points Easi Volsina (Blanchard), 7 points UBX Unclesweater (Xtrem Hess Racing), 7 points Pat C Inferno (Rangel), 7 points Vegas (Patriot/Taplin), 7 points CTW Smores To Go (Xtrem Hess Racing), 6 points CTW Bahati (Steve Sarras), 6 points Lily Lazer (Blanchard), 4 points Keeper Cry (Xtrem Hess Racing), 4 points T’s Iron Man (Xtrem Hess Racing), 4 points Saber Fire (Imark), 4 points Denali Darlin (Jacobs Racing), 3 points Hi Noon Revolver (Jacobs Racing), 3 points Slatex Jackson (Jacobs Racing), 3 points Saber Port (Imark), 3 points Sumkindawondrful (Imark), 3 points BGR Big Daddy (Brad Boeckenstedt), 2 points Pat C Zenith (Rangel), 2 points Ponda Waco Hound (Code Red), 2 points ASK China (Steve Sarras), 1 point BGR Onewaystreet (Brad Boeckenstedt), 1 point Imark Solo (Imark), 1 point WW Holdin Fast (Wayne Ward), 1 point WW Blonde Roast (Wayne Ward), 0 points Kris Was Righh (Brad Boeckenstedt), 0 points

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