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Wheeling Hot Dogs

Stan Pawloski

Apr 2, 2024

Wheeling Hot Dogs ( as of April 1, all races 5/16 unless otherwise noted )

            Blanchard Kennel’s Artex Pumbaa (AA) and KW Bugatti (B, A, AA) have won three out of their last four races for trainer Chris Maynard.

            Lester Raines Kennel’s SS Best Buds has captured four out of her last five trips (B, A, AA) for trainer Joel Roden. Kennel-mate JS Easy On Me has won three out of her last four outings (D, C, B).

            Patriot/Taplin Kennel’s SE Tap House has won three out of his last four races (A, AA) for trainer Cheyney Kuriata.

            Jacobs Racing Kennel’s GLS Dayinthelife has two wins and a second in her last three Grade TAA 3/16 starts for trainer Natalie Looper. Kennel-mate GLS Da Real Deal has captured three out of his last four 3/16 races (TD, TC, B).

            Xtrem Hess Racing Kennel’s Xtrem Begonia has two victories and a second in her last three Grade TAA 3/16 outings for trainer Jill Spicer. Kennel-mate UBX Swindle has three straight wins (C, B, A).

            Imark Kennel’s GF Esteli has back-to-back 3/16 victories (TA, TAA) for trainer DiAnn Derr.

            Code Red Kennel’s Stop The Hate has two wins in a row (B, A) for trainer Tom Engle.

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