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Wheeling Hot Dogs (as November 21, all races 5/16 unless otherwise noted)

Stan Pawloski

Nov 22, 2022

Steve Sarras Kennel’s CET Dirty Dan has eight wins and two seconds in his last 10 starts (SAA, AA) for trainer Jay Falcone. Kennel-mate Florentine has two victories and a second in his last three Grade AA races while Steve Novotney has back-to-back wins (B, A).

Lester Raines Kennel’s SNL Sir Liam has three victories and a second in his last four Grade AA trips for trainer Joel Roden. Kennel-mates RS’s Dark Night (AA) and Super C Amega (C, B, A) have won three out of their last four outings while Teaser’s Twist has back-to-back wins (B, A).

Jacobs Racing Kennel’s My Bank Account has captured three out of her last four Grade AA starts for trainer Louise Strong.

Charter Kennel’s Atta Boy Angus has four wins and four seconds in his last eight Grade TAA 3/16 races for trainer James Campbell.

Xtrem Hess Racing Kennel’s Xtrem Kitty Cat has back-to-back victories (A, AA) for trainer Jill Spicer.

Rangel Kennel’s VJ Sipnonpatron has two wins and a second in his last three trips (B, A) for trainer Alex Hall.

Wayne Ward Kennel’s WW Cuddlebug has three straight victories (D, C, B) for trainer Ron Otto.

Imark Kennel’s Kentucky DB has won three out of his last four outings (M, D, C) for trainer DiAnn Derr.

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