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Patricia Saul

May 22, 2023

After the quarter-final rounds on Thursday, 33 greyhounds were eliminated from the $65,000 WVGOBA Open Sprint at Tri State. On Tuesday evening, May 23, heading into the semi-finals, 16 greyhounds remain as contenders in Races 4 and 6 with starting post time at 6:00 PM EST. 


Competing in Race 4 are JA’s Henry Ford, CET Daryl, RS’s Penny Lane, CG’s Roadrunner, CET Dirty Dilly, Mac’s Sugar Pie, GLS Blondie and CG’s Miss Muffet.


Competing in Race 6 are GF Steel Horse, CET Bill, CG’s Red Ryder, GLS Daisy Dot, CET Negan, JA’s Dupont, CG’s Bo Peep and Mac’s New York.


Littermates competing: 

CG’s Roadrunner, CG’s Bo Peep, CG’s Red Ryder and CG’s Miss Muffet (Jax Oxford - CG's 

Lady Bug) 

JA’s Henry Ford and JA’s Dupont (Jax Yardley - Jax Freida)

CET Daryl and CET Negan (Kiowa Myth - Cet Baby Boo)


The Open Sprint Stakes championship is scheduled for Saturday, May 27.


Accumulated points for the Semi-Finals: 


36 points: CET Dirty Dilly (CET) 


31 points: CG's Roadrunner (Abrahamson)


30 points: CG's Bo Peep (Abrahamson)


28 points: CET Negan (CET)


27 points: GF Steel Horse (Lomax)


26 points: JA's Dupont (Abrahamson)


24 points: RS's Penny Lane (Lester Raines)


22 points: JA's Henry Ford (Abrahamson)


21 points: Cet Daryl (CET), Mac's Sugar Pie (McMillon/Ward), Mac's New York (Mc Millon/

Ward), GLS Blondie (JS)


20 points: CG's Red Ryder (Abrahamson), GLS Daisy Dot (JS), CG's Miss Muffet (Abrahamson)


19 points: CET Bill (CET)

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