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Pet Transfer

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You can now officially register your Greyhound pet (current and passed) with the official north American Greyhound registry, the National Greyhound Association. For $40, you'll receive a beautiful, suitable-for-framing registration certificate that carries all pertinent information on your Greyhound pet: official NGA name, pet name, color, sex, whelping (birth) date, two-generational pedigree and complete identify bertillion. You will also receive a 2023 NGA Ambassador membership (one per person, per household). An online fee (4.5%) applies to each transaction,

To further assist in the Responsible Adoption for greyhounds, a portion ($10) of your transfer will be forwarded to your chosen non-profit adoption group when you register your Greyhound as a pet.

Please note that all greyhounds with NGA Tattoos can be pet transferred. We cannot pet register galgos, mixed breeds or greyhounds registered with another organization.

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